Cattle tour was great

It’s funny how things go but the coldest day we’ve had since March happened to coincide with our fall cattle tour!
It didn’t deter anyone, though, and the day was absolutely great! And the feedback we received was very positive!
It certainly was a long day–we left the Emo Agricultural Research Station on Saturday at 8 a.m. and I didn’t drop Nanny off until 9 p.m.!
Even the kids who were a part of the tour the entire day never complained once!
The bus was a lot of fun and Fisher did a great job of bouncing us along on some roads that maybe were not school bus worthy.
I was most impressed with the youths who were involved with our tour. Most times in agriculture, you hear how the farmers are getting older and no one is interested in taking over the family farm.
This was not the case on our tour! Most of our hosts were under age 40!
I think Rainy River District should be proud that we have young people farming—and doing so very successfully.
The Rainy River Hereford Association sponsored our day-long tour and the meals were great. Of course, beef was on the menu!
Supper at Cornell Farms’ barn in La Vallee just ended a perfect day. The plan was that everyone barbecue their own steak, but Deb Z. and her catering abilities took over and did the task while we visited and enjoyed our entertainment from the beautiful local voices of “Entirely Mac!”
Thanks to everyone who made this event happen. It was well worth the day off!
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were a bit upset with Auntie Kimmie when they realized I had sold three lambs.
Everything was better, though, when I reminded them that we will have more babies again next spring and they were happy to start thinking about names again.
That’s what is great about agriculture–you always find something to look forward to!
• • •
Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!