Cattle sale fetched some good prices

Well, another cattle sale is behind us! We sold 1,358 animal for a total of $1,183,157.55.
Things went well despite the heavy downpours of rain throughout the day Saturday. This makes it very difficult for our workers, but we have some good ones so they survived.
It is even more difficult on the paper–pretty hard to keep things dry.
The prices were good but I do think cattle weights were down. And like we were discussing, we are never going to take a look at our cattle cheques and say, “Oh man, I made too much money!”
Cattle prices have come up but so has everything else involved in raising them!
It’s an exciting but emotional time of the year for a farmer. You work hard all year long to raise good, healthy cattle and your one-time-of-a-year payday is greatly anticipated.
I’m hoping that the producers who sold cattle with us over the weekend were pleased, at least.
We did have trouble with our newly-installed sound system Saturday (it seems we always have something that causes some stress!)
On the bright side, we had more than 70 people viewing the sale online. These are great contacts to follow up with and hope we can interest more buyers.
We have one more sale to tackle–on Oct. 26. It also sounded like we are planning to have a bred cow sale.
Get in touch with Philip if you have any questions.
• • •
I think we might have three varieties of soybeans that we still will be able to harvest this week if the weather is decent.
We have 24 soybean varieties in all and there are a few that I don’t think will dry down, but we will leave them as long as we can.
I’m also hoping to hook up the plow and start that job.
We have plenty of seed to clean and we know that our performance data is due by the middle of October.
It still seems we are about three weeks behind and I’m not sure we will catch up now.
• • •
I’m sure everyone has noticed there hasn’t been much break in the lawn-mowing task this year! We have had just enough heat and moisture that it still is growing quite well.
I started cutting again last week but, of course, with the cattle sale I never finished.
Luckily I have sheep. I fenced them in a section so they are tackling part of that job for me (but like I said before, the worst part of them is they make it grow better next year!)
• • •
We celebrated Mike and Betty Zimmerman’s 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday! It was nice to see many friends and family gathered to help the two of them mark their special day.
Mike and Betty have worked hard all their lives and raised a wonderful family! They are making the big move into the manor in Emo this fall.
Wishing them many more happy years together!