Cattle sale coming up

It is looking to be a busy week across the district!
A cattle sale is set for this Saturday at the Stratton sales barn, which means many producers are trying to round up cattle a little closer to home and sort out which will stay and which will go!
We still are struggling to get caught up on harvesting grain and hay, so the workload for everyone remains in full swing.
I convinced my cows to come home on Saturday and locked them up so I can haul calves this week myself.
On Saturday afternoon, we weighed all the calves and my weights definitely were down (I could see this all summer long).
It seems the cattle don’t gain as well in a wetter year and we certainly had a wonderful bug season, which also is hard on cattle.
I didn’t have many heifer calves last year, so it won’t take me long to sort through them for replacements.
• • •
Since there again was some talk about how quickly we can issue producer cheques from the Stratton sales barn, I thought it might be worth going over the protocol.
When we leave the sales barn the same day as the sale, the producer cheques already are issued. But we cannot drop them in the mail until we have received payment from all our buyers.
Buyers with a dealer’s licence have nine business days to pay if they purchase $15,000 or less and six business days if they purchase $15,001 or more.
Note this applies only to people with a dealer’s licence. Others are expected to pay on sale day.
We do not accept post-dated cheques. And yes, we have looked into a large credit line–but no one wants to give us a credit line of $2 million.
Just so you know, the moment the last cheque is deposited, the producers’ cheques are dropped in the mail!
• • •
My grandma Nanny turned 85 earlier this week!
She is a very tough woman and though not as mobile as she would like to be, she is stubborn enough to still be on her own!
She has survived many things; my grandpa died in 1971 and she continued to farm. She also has had two heart attacks and survived cancer–with flyer colours.
Her hardest battle was meningitis, which is what has left her less mobile, but she still survived it.
Things are definitely different between the two of us now–but I still value her toughness, stubbornness, and determination!
Happy Birthday, Nanny, and many more!