Cattle sale around the corner

We got our combine back last week and started right into harvesting. We were lucky to have a young helper for a day last week. Levi was visiting his grandma and grandpa and he has strong interest in farming and growing. We enjoyed him so much and his knowledge was impressive. It was a hot day, and combining is a dusty, messy job but he never complained. We really missed him the next day; having three people for harvest is nice. We are trying to tackle the barley trials first and then mover on to oats. The yields seem decent, but we won’t have any results for a bit. My student Katie is scheduled to start back to online school this week. We are going to see if it is possible for her to study and work part-time, but it may be too much. She is willing to give it a try and so am I. We do have less plots but since we are a bit behind, we are really trying to rush around. Plus, every time we get rain it makes me nervous; we sure don’t want a repeat of last fall.
We weaned our lambs this weekend. We also planned to wean Marlee’s little goat that should have been weaned ages ago. We put her in with the lambs but before we even turned our backs she was out of the pen and back with her mom. So, we took her mom away and put her with the lambs. So far that is working. They are rather noisy right now but that will improve each day. Most large sheep operations wean their lambs at six weeks so these guys should feel fortunate they get to nurse this long!
I was able to cut a little bit of second crop hay last week and baled it! I didn’t cut much, but I sure wanted to. It was nice cutting and was making some nice windrows. It is always a worry about it drying but it worked out well last week. We made a nice load of square bales. Both groups of cows have been moved to new pasture so they should be happy for the time being. I plan to sell calves on Sept. 26 so I am hoping that I can keep them in their groups until the week before that. Two of my friends came to see my calves over the weekend. One group was more cooperative than the other. The Angus group were suspicious we were up to something and ended up hiding in the bush on us. They all get a little weary at this time of the year as they know weaning time is close for them as well. You would think they’d be happy to have a break from those nursing calves that almost lift their mothers off the ground when nursing.
It will be a busy week for many in the district with our first fall cattle sale. If you have cattle to sale or you are interested in working, please give James a call at 807-271-2005. Also, just a quick reminder, this is a busy time of the year on the farm – grain carts, manure spreaders and hay will be up and down the road. Please be safe and patient!