Cattle sale a success

Hard to believe we are moving into September. I think to myself; it is harder to believe as we missed out on the Emo Fair. We often gauge things based on the Fair. I wouldn’t complain if summer lasted a few more months and I could certainly find enough work to do. If summer can’t last, I am crossing my fingers for a warm, dry fall. That makes all the difference in the world.

We were successful in combining a fair number of plots last week. Unfortunately, we lost over a half day with a broken hydraulic line. Of course, if was in a very difficult spot (behind all the pullies on the machine) so we had to get help. Thankfully we were ready to go again the next day. We are down to just one wheat trial and our canola. The small field pea trial was gobbled up by the deer and as well our soybeans are the same. We are really trying to get things cleaned off as we are planning to have more tile repairs done again. We are moving a bit slower now as Katie is back to school! She is doing her school online but is planning to try and work as she can. We will give it a try; we don’t want her getting behind in her studies!

We had a successful Sale at the Stratton Sales Barn on Saturday. We sold 960 head plus a donkey and horse and foal. The total sales were $1,249,979.71. I hope that everyone was happy. We were short on staff and this is common for our August Sale. Everyone is busy and kids are often preparing for school to return. We are still tight on space, so we are going to have to do some work before our next Sale (September 26) to ensure we have more penning and more staff. Thank you to everyone that brought cattle, bought cattle and all our staff! If you have cattle to sale at our next sale, please let James know. It will help us to determine what we need to do for penning and as well the buyers really appreciate knowing what to expect at the sale. If you are interested in working, please let us know! You must be 14 years old and having some cattle experience is great but not a requirement. You can see our market report here:

We are struggling to keep up with the demand on meat sales these days at the abattoir and our processors. We are exploring options but of course most of those mean money. We are open to suggestions and of course we are always looking for staff. If you have any ideas or are looking for work, please reach out. I guess it is a good problem to have but it isn’t easy when you have animals that are ready to butcher, or you are waiting for meat. Crossing our fingers, we can figure this out.

Wishing everyone a safe back to school week!