Cattle prices have dropped

We sold 1,566 head at the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association sale on Saturday at the Stratton sales barn—at the value of $2,483,785.15.
Prices have dropped but I think it still was a successful sale for the most part (honestly, I haven’t had a chance to look over things).
I was planning to have a chance to look over my own cattle sales and report the difference from this year to last year, but I haven’t had time to dig that out yet, either.
One thing for sure is we sure had some excellent quality of cattle at the sale. Local producers should be proud of what they had on offering—it was impressive!
I really do believe there is nothing like our “Rainy River-raised” cattle.
• • •
Those involved with our cattle sales will notice that we’ve been trying to print a catalogue once again. There are issues around this, of course!
We cannot print the producer’s name unless they give us permission—and there are producers who do not want their names printed at all.
We are more than happy to list information that you may want announced on your cattle but we only are as good as the information that you give us!
The best way to ensure the correct information is listed is to give all that information to Susan on delivery or bring it to the office and talk to one of the girls. And believe it or not, we are not perfect (mistakes will happen!)
• • •
I really would like to thank the producers who I “age verify” cattle for–you have been listening to me and not bringing your calving book to me the day before the sale (which, in turn, gives me more time to get this done for you).
This is so appreciated!
I enjoy helping everyone out but it is difficult when time is limited and, more importantly, Internet access can be an issue at the sales barn.
• • •
The next (and final) cattle sale of the year is only a few weeks away–booked for Saturday, Oct. 24. Some are speculating the prices will be back up again by that time.
Certainly get in touch with James if you have cattle for that sale. James barely will have time to re-coup from this past sale before we will be back at it again!
But James will agree with me that we have a really good group of people who faithfully show up and work at the sales barn. The days are long and hard, but no one complains–they all just pitch in and get the job done!
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is lucky to have such good people dedicated to making our sales very successful.
• • •
The tile drainage company was planning to move into the Emo Agricultural Research Station earlier this week.
It will be a busy week and things will look a little rough for a bit! But the results will be worth what we have to go through.
If you haven’t seen how tile drainage is installed, it will be worth a trip to Emo to check things out!
• • •
I marked my birthday last week and the celebrations lasted pretty much the entire week! We even enjoyed a delicious cake down at the sales barn on Saturday.
Thanks for all the great birthday wishes, cards, and gifts–I am so lucky to have such a great bunch of people in my life!
My boyfriend/partner, along with help from my dad, my brother, and a great friend, Greg, built me a new pole barn for my birthday, which will be greatly appreciated by my horse and replacement heifers.