Cattle enjoying green grass

If you are travelling around the rural areas, you’ll see most of the cattle now are out enjoying the green grass.
The grass has come along quite nicely after getting some of this latest moisture.
But it is a wise idea to wait until the grass has a good head-start before letting your cows out in hopes of it to last for the summer and not becoming over-grazed.
My plan was to haul cows over the weekend and I awoke Saturday morning to some cows bawling–but not normal bawling. Rather, it was “Oh no, what is happening?!”
Well, the bulls had been bellowing at each other and I guess the Hereford finally had enough and pushed the gate open. So I had cows in my yard, though it could have been much worse.
I already had the cattle sorted into breeding groups and I really didn’t want them mixed up again. So I quickly ran to one gate and called, and let the other group out.
Meanwhile, I put the cows running around in the yard into the corral since they were the ones we were hauling to Nanny’s anyway.
It actually went quite smoothly—thankfully!
I was expecting the cattle to be running and jumping a lot more than they did, but they filled their bellies and rested quite peacefully–I guess they know they have the whole summer ahead of them and currently are not battling the bugs.
I certainly will miss the watchful eye I had on my cows that I graze at Nanny’s this summer. I normally get a call the first day they are there with some suggested potential problem.
• • •
Our sheep shearer is coming this week, and I will be most happy to have the sheep out on grass and away from the barn.
I’m hoping this will help with my bottle baby following me to the house.
Hopefully, the electric fence will keep him where he should be–with the rest of the sheep and not hanging out on the doorstep.
• • •
I was hoping to be bringing home the new four-wheeler from the Emo Walleye Classic but no luck this year!
Well, actually I did have luck–I won on the penny table a great prize donated by Suzie’s Hairstyling!
It was my lucky weekend, I guess, because I also won a prize at a wedding shower for Erica Mann (Matt McQuaker’s future wife).
• • •
I had one of my farmer clients ask me about GPS-ing his field. I’m not so handy with a GPS, but often thought I should take a course to learn more about them.
But I did find an app that is quite handy figuring out field sizes, etc. (it is called “Agriplot”). I’m sure there are many out there but I’ve used this one frequently.
My farmer friend asked that I share this with others since he thought they might find it useful, as well.
• • •
We still need to find homes for some tree seedlings (red pine, white spruce, and cedar).
The red pine and white spruce are in bundles of 20 for $5 while the cedar is a bundle of 10 for $5.
We would be more than happy to donate to a school group that would like to plant, and we even may be able to find you a planting location if you don’t have access to an area!
Let me know ASAP.