Can’t take the heat?

Wow — summer has arrived in a big way! We went from sweatshirts on Saturday to as little outerwear as possible on Sunday. We shall not complain — we need this!

It is amazing how much growth we have seen in all our plots over the weekend. Now, as usually everything is ready to go…. We should be spraying, we should be harvesting forages, we should finish planting! I overheated on Sunday and still paying the price for that. I wasn’t wearing a hat, didn’t eat, didn’t stop for a drink and I am old enough to know better than this! I am moving slow today but still not complaining because I we need the heat and truthfully, I really like it. Besides the great growth we have seen, we also have all the miserable bugs back at our animals. Ugh, my grandma always said, “just when the grass gets really good, so do the bugs!” While I was cutting grass on Sunday, a nice big buck came out to see me stomping his feet and swinging in his head. I am certain he was wishing I could help him. Tough time for all the critters.

Saturday was a busy day for me! I started off the afternoon by celebrating with friends and family of Katie Hay as her and her boyfriend will be welcoming a baby girl later in July! Her friends organized some fun games to celebrate the baby! I kicked some butt at Jeopardy! From there I was off to celebrate a surprise 50th wedding anniversary for Allan and Shirley Teeple. Allan and Shirley were truly surprised and many friends and family from near and far joined them to celebrate their special occasion. Shirley and Allan were really touched about the event. Finally, I was off to celebrate a special couple! My cousin, Darren married his best friend, Jodi. It is so nice to see two happy people that enjoy each others company. I wish Darren, Jodi, Gavin and Tucker many happy years.

The abattoir board will meet this week to elect our executive. We also have submitted another application in hopes we will be approved to match the funds that we were approved for earlier this year with NOHFC. We need to add on another freezer so that the flow of animals can increase. Cross your fingers!

I hope to see everyone at our Sales Barn Auction this weekend! We have a lot of good stuff to sell. If you would like to see the Auction Sheet ahead of time, please get in touch with me and I will be glad to send you an email copy.

Lexi had to stay alone a few times this weekend. It was the longest time she stayed alone, and she did some misbehaving. Don’t ask when you see me why I am wearing two different coloured sandals….

Stay safe on a warm week ahead but please no complaints….. it is already the end of June and our days will start getting shorter!