Can’t quite trust the weather

We have been experiencing some beautiful summer weather and I am so scared to let my guard down and enjoy it. With two years of some not-so-enjoyable conditions, it seems I am nervous. The growth is just incredible right now. Alfalfa is knee high, and I would expect dairy producers to be chopping next week. The pasture is the best I have seen for this time of year in a few years. My poor cows are still eating dry old hay, but I will release them this weekend. The sheep will have to wait until after shearing on June 10. My plan is to get the sheep vaccinated and dewormed this weekend and then once shearing is over, they will have access to green grass. All sheep and goats are out of the barn now and it’s the first time the barn has been empty since February. My mom and I shovelled out the last two pens and it is cleaned up until Fair time. I was able to get my fences all checked — other than a few wetter areas that I was afraid to drive through. I took the side by side and was very nervous about getting stuck because I knew walking back would kill me and not because I am afraid to walk but with this weather there will be snakes out and I can’t handle that. Every time I had to get off and fix some fence, I was so nervous about looking down and seeing one. Most of my fence issues come for the deer knocking out staples. Of course, the wind and trees are not helpful either. The most disappointing part for me this time was seeing that what I felt was a decent fence the posts are already showing signs rot. It is never ending.

I finally finished planting flowers, but I still have my pumpkins and few vegetables to get in the ground. I will finish this week and then let the late-night watering and fighting bugs begin! It sure seems like we have a good crop of bugs. I really despise that the bugs send us inside every night when warm summer nights just don’t last that long.

I attended career day last week at FFHS. It was a great event and very well attended. I met some very keen, knowledgeable students and I was envious of such a great stage of their lives! Many of the booths were looking for summer students so I think the event was very worthwhile.

My mom and I volunteered a few hours at the Emo Walleye Classic over the weekend. It was great to see so many people out to watch the weigh-ins. Congratulations to all the organizers and participants. It seemed like everyone was having a good time and they certainly caught a lot of fish!

If the weather holds, we will be starting our Three Sisters project this week. It looks a little different this year, but the changes will certainly improve the project. Kennah and Carenna have things all laid out, so it is now just getting the seed into the ground. The hops are really enjoying these summer temperatures and many of them are well over our heads already.

Just a last reminder about the “Cows are Gone to Pasture Party” on June 10! RRCA is hosting a meal show thanks to everyone for the support we have received over the years and in particular helping with our recent build. All you need to do is let me know you are attending — the deadline to RSVP with me is June 1.My cell phone is (807) 275-9706. Please join us!

We have someone coming in once again to shear sheep. I am sure that I have everyone on the list that wants to be but if you haven’t contacted me I will need your names and sheep numbers ASAP as well.