Can’t complain about weather

Now this is the weather that we have all been waiting for! Bring it on and please don’t complain about it being too hot—this is long overdue and won’t last long enough!
I was away most of last week in New Liskeard. I had a two-day meeting but it took me two days (almost three) of travel. I drove to Thunder Bay then flew to Toronto, then to Timmins and drove the rest of the way. In a roundabout way–I made it … all in time for our cooler, damp temperatures to arrive there. We darn near froze visiting the New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station but we had a good tour despite the weather.
Timiskaming has some beautiful farm land and they have some great looking crops. I was attending the summer meeting for the Beef Farmers of Ontario so it was great for the folks from the South see all that is possible in Northern Ontario.
It is a goal of mine to have the summer meeting in Rainy River District at some point. We have all kinds of great things happening in Rainy River and the Agriculture Industry is a huge part of this district but we tend to be overlooked.
• • •
We are finally in the haying mode full swing at home! Thankfully my mom, day and boyfriend/partner have been putting in a lot of time.
I wish I was able to pay them for all their hard work but they will just have to settle for good, home-raised meat!
It is so nice to have my dad healthy enough to work–I know I don’t show my appreciation nearly enough and I am as guilty as anyone for taking things for granted!
Since the weather was looking like rain—I ended up raking some hay so that we could be sure that it dried and we could bale.
Instead of unhooking the discbine–we have been using Nanny’s old 8N Ford tractor for raking. Wow, is that hard on the back! No complaints because it got the job done, but I sure can feel it.
Looking forward to a good week of dry hot weather and lots of hay making!
Maddie and Marlee are anxious to get working with their fair animals and I have to stall them for a bit just to get more hay made. As always, everything happens at the same time!
• • •
I am hoping to see everyone next week on our Soil & Crop Tour and the Research Station Open House.
The word is out that we need to send a clear message that we want to see the station open and running in the future so it is very important that we have good support and our events next week. We have some dignitaries attending and they will certainly spread the word!
On Thursday July 31 at 9 a.m. we will leave the Emo Agricultural Research Station and head to Stratton where we will visit Scott McNabb’s tillage/corn.
At 10:30 a.m. we will visit Bill Roymn’s soybeans, and at 11:45 a.m. we will eat our lunch (please bring your own lunch) at the Morley Park.
At 1 p.m. we will visit Timo Brielmann’s soybeans, at 2:15 p.m. Mark Hussers’ corn, and then at 3:30 p.m. we will stop in at Larry Lamb’s and look at his soybeans.
We will try arranging the tour to drive past as many other crops as possible. It is going to be a tight schedule so we will do our best to stay on time!
Then at 7 p.m., we will host our open house at EARS! We will tour our plots and we will serve light refreshments.
In attendance will be Tom Beach from Kemptville College, Harold Rudy from Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association, Allan Mol, president of Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association, Horst Bohner, soybean specialist with OMAF, and Madeleine Smith from the University of Minnesota, along with all our special people from our own district.
I certainly hope to see everyone!