Calving season underway

While many were watching the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl on Sunday evening, I was watching the Barn Bowl!
Two of the heifers I purchased last fall were calving. Three of the 5 were artificially inseminated, and two were due on Feb. 1. They made their date!
The other one is due next weekend.
Both heifers had nice, small heifer calves. And so it begins!
My own cows still are about a week or 10 days from calving, but anything can happen now. And when the temperatures are low, you need to be a bit more cautious.
I was pleased that the new heifers did so well—they are not only new moms but I am new to them, as well as the barn and my helpful black dog. Fortunately, they seemed to take it all in quite well!
“Roxee” only made one trip to the barn Sunday night as she tends to not go out once nightfall arrives.
This is only the beginning so it looks like most of the trips I will be doing without her. Still, Roxee was very excited to see the new calves Monday morning.
• • •
With Friday being a P.D. Day, the girls were out farming. We prepared for the new calves by getting the calf pens ready and also did a few odd jobs around the barn yard.
Marlee was getting anxious to play and said to grandma, “I don’t know why we have to do all the work!”
They didn’t only work. They crafted, did some snowmachining (but found that a bit too cold), and prepared themselves a calving book so when I text them the events, they can record them at home.
• • •
The Rainy River Hereford Association successfully hosted its annual meeting and potluck dinner.
Last year, our “Guess the Weight” and our $500 beef package (or cash) was likely the most successful event yet.
It has crossed our minds that we maybe should look at folding our small organization, but it seems there is interest in continuing on with these events. We have a dedicated group of people who show up every year and sell tickets, as well as visit with everyone who seems to enjoy guessing the weight of an animal.
We also held our elections and once again we have a full board. Aaron Kuorikoski will take over as president for the upcoming year.
• • •
While my main focus for the next couple of months will be cows, I still have to plug away at Emo Agricultural Research Station business.
Last week, we successfully sealed a partnership with the University of Minnesota, in which we will be growing canola for them.
It will be a great year for anyone to grow canola since we will have a canola researcher in the area who certainly will do farm visits, as well.
We all are looking forward to a much better growing season in 2015.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Leaders Association is hosting its annual meeting this Friday night (Feb. 6).
We continue to look for new leaders. There are so many wonderful opportunities in the 4-H program but, of course, it is only as successful with the necessary volunteers.
4-H is a great program for both rural and urban kids (there continues to be the myth that you have to be from a farm to be in 4-H but this is not the case!)
If you or your kids have an interest, get in touch with Kim Desserre (483-5412).