Calving season nearing

Here we are in mid-January! The dreaded long winter month already is half over.
It seems like it went extra fast for me by spending one week sick and one week away.
It still is pretty much Christmas at my place but if things go as planned, I will fix that up this week. I finally have my calendars all ready for 2018–something I normally do before the New Year arrives.
So anyone who had a birthday during the first couple of weeks of January likely will be getting their card this week.
• • •
I survived my week of training in London and Guelph. Fortunately, my boyfriend/partner and my friends had my water fixed for my cows by the time I arrived in London.
That certainly did make me breathe a little easier but I still was counting down the days until I arrived back at home.
Like most of my trips, I was late getting back into Thunder Bay. I should have been pulling out of the parking lot in Thunder Bay but we finally were just de-icing in Toronto.
Still, it was good to meet up with some of the potential research partners on various projects, and it certainly opens their eyes to Emo and the opportunities here in the northwest.
• • •
We are one month away from calving today (Jan. 15). I brought all the cows in on Saturday and gave them their last shot of Scour Bos (I am looking forward to the results of this).
I also have started the list of all the things I need to have in place and ordered for calving now. It always seems like it sneaks up on you quickly and once you are into it, you are in–not much time to be organizing then.
I’m hoping our cold weather is long gone for calving but either way, it isn’t like you can solve it so you do what you can.
I am excited to try out my new windbreak panels this year, as well. I always feel bad bringing the cows home out of the excellent bush shelter to a yard with little protection.
• • •
I’m hoping to see many of you at the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association’s annual meeting tomorrow (Jan. 18) at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton.
I look forward to hearing from our members and the reports from our organizations.
As well, the RRCA is hosting the “Farm Smart-Beef Symposium Day” this Saturday (Jan. 20) at 8 a.m. at the Emo Inn. If you haven’t registered with me, please do!
The RRCA is covering all costs other than lunch (we will order off the menu but you are in charge of paying for your own meal).
It should be a great day full of fantastic information and we are very lucky that they provide us the opportunity to participate in this event. I’m certain we wouldn’t be flying to Guelph to participate but this is really the next best thing.