Calving season has begun

I’ve officially started calving!
My first baby arrived early Sunday morning, with my only complaint being that it was a slow birth.
I had seen the water bag at 1:30 a.m., which normally means a calf should be coming soon. And since my barn camera is not working, I made trips back to the barn about every half-hour.
Finally, at 4:45 a.m., the cow gave three or four pushes and out came a nice little heifer!
This was the cow that I had rescued on her back a couple of weeks ago and it is her second calf, so calving this early is great.
She calved 30th last year and made it to number one this year! Nice to see them both alive!
• • •
Like I had mentioned, I was sure that “Li’l Rox” was going to get herself into trouble. Well, she already has and we only have one calf!
She managed to sneak into the pen with the cow and calf—I didn’t even know she was in there but the cow did.
She easily could have easily “Roxee” into the cement wall, but somehow Roxee quickly ran to the opposite end of the pen and jumped out the feeding area.
She was lucky this time, and I hope she understands now why she cannot be in the calving pens.
• • •
Not that I’m a big football fan but I am so excited that two of the best Super Bowl commercials involved agriculture!
If you haven’t seen the Budweiser commercial or the Dodge one featuring Paul Harvey (“Why God created a farmer”), be sure to Google them!
The Budweiser commercial brings tears to my eyes.
I hope a few more people understand all that farmers do and how important they are for growing fresh food.
Hats off to the Dodge people who decided to include “The Farmer” in the Super Bowl because we all know that those millions of chicken wings consumed were possible because of “The Farmer!”