Calving done – now on to lambing

Well I am officially finished calving! It ended with a boom; one of my cows gave me a set of twins. The first one was a bouncing baby bull and the second one was backwards, so a quick pull brought a little heifer safely into this world. The little bull was bouncing around the pen while we pulled out his sister and once she was out and laying in the straw he went over and nestled down with her. He was likely wondering where his partner of nine months went to! Most times when you get a set of twins of opposite gender the heifer is infertile more than 90 percent of the time. I ended up with very few heifers this year. No complaints, happiness is alive and safe!
I mentioned last week that I brought in an ewe in that seemed to be showing signs of lambing. That very evening she started to lamb. She was not progressing very well, so I checked her. Sure, enough I could feel a small lamb that was full breech. I pulled it out. It was dead and looked a bit bloated. Of course, ewes very rarely just have one. We waited for a bit and she was making little progression, so we pulled another one that was also dead. She then delivered a dead one herself. It was sad. I immediately start worrying that I have some major disease issue. The ewe didn’t deliver her placenta properly, so we did have to give her an antibiotic. She was quite sad for a few days, but it seems that she is feeling pretty good now. The due date for the rest is around the 13th. We do have another one in the barn that is looking like she is next. So, we have a few days off from calving and we will be right into lambing!
I am still working from home as much as I can. This will change soon since obviously we will need to work on the land at EARS. We have been cut back to one student this year and are limited on how many trials we are able to run. This is likely a bit of a blessing since we didn’t get our fall work completed. 2020 is proving to be quite a year. We are unable to have public visit the Station so please drop me a line at or give me a call, our land-line is 482-2354 but you can always call my cell at 275-9706. I will do my best to help you through these two methods.
I must say, this is a good test for many to see what it is like to be less involved including myself. It is easy to keep busy, but I have to say I sure don’t miss the rush! Normally I would be rushing to get my chores down, heading to work and rushing home to get chores done and many nights rush off to a meeting. No meetings and we are starting to explore some ways to connect as there are some things that will need to be addressed soon. I miss all my meeting friends, but I would rather us all stay safe and stay home!
Happy Birthday to both my dad and my brother! Unfortunately, no shopping and big parties for them but we can celebrate later. It is much more important to stay healthy right now. Wishing everyone a nice Easter, but please keep yourselves safe and stay home.