C-c-c-calving in the c-c-c-cold

Did we not all say, “we are going to pay for this nice weather!” And we are. It was -40 checking cows all night and that was without the wind. Every year it seems the weather is shifting. To me, this should be January weather. Looks like we are into this for the rest of this week. Like I do every year, I am wondering why the heck I am calving cows right now? But in Rainy River, it is either mud or cold. My cows are due this Friday, but I had a set of twins arrived last Thursday. The cow was in the barn as she really started to bag up. They are doing fine. Last night when stacking the barn full of cows to keep in warmth we brought in a cow that was looking close, but I really didn’t expect her to calve. But at 3:00 a.m. she did! Thank goodness she was in the barn. It is hard to rest in these temperatures because you stress so darn much. Despite the cold temperature this morning the cows were much happier without the wind, but it is slowly gaining strength again. It looks as though we are not the only ones battling this weather it seems to be widespread. I have a goat that is taking up barn space right now with some feet or arthritis issues. I am planning to get her back out with the rest of the sheep and goats but don’t want to do it when the temperatures are this extreme. I ended up feeling sorry for my cow with the sore front foot and brought her in. I was nervous she was getting enough to eat in these temperatures. She is tender enough that she is cautious about where she stands in case someone pushes her around. I don’t like using valuable barn space, but I also would really like to see her better!

I have two barn cats. If you have ever been here, you will know they are extra friendly and if you are not careful and your vehicle door is open, they will be going home with you. I have a heated cat house in the barn, where they can sleep and eat. The last few winters they only used it for eating because in one of my other sheds we had some stored sheep wool. They would head over there and hunker down in the wool. We have since taken that wool to Birch Bark Yarns, so they are spending full time in the main barn. There isn’t a mouse around. They are earning their keep and have really put on a lot of weight. It makes my mom happy as she is not a fan of mice at all.

Stay safe everyone. We are not supposed to be out and about, and I would think this weather helps keeps us all home. I am trying to find the good in it.

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