Busy week of calving

Well, it was a busy week of calves for me! I was just steady moving cattle in and out, and thankfully it was decent temperatures, so it was easier to put calves outside much more quickly than what I sometimes do.
Things were going pretty good, and I planned to attend the soil and crop meeting last Thursday night. But my second-last heifer started to calve around supper time (they often do that when they know you are planning to go somewhere).
I was thinking that I still might be able to make the meeting later, but that didn’t happen. She was working away pretty hard but not getting too far, so I decided it was time to help.
The feet were big enough and the nose was coming, but she was just having a tough time.
My boyfriend/partner came to my place that evening but he thought I better call one of our friends. So Jason (despite just bringing home his new baby boy) came and helped pull, and we successfully got a nice big bull calf and all was fine.
While we were pulling him, another cow calved, as well. So needless to say, I missed the meeting but I am hoping next month I will make it!
Calving should be behind me–I only have eight more to go.
• • •
When we sell cattle in Ontario, Regulation 54 under the Beef Cattle Marketing Act states that every cattle seller has an obligation to pay $4/head check off.
Breeding stock, cull dairy cattle, and beef calves are included. The only exemptions are cattle that are sold for milk or veal.
Sales by private treaty are not exempt.
If you sell cattle through the sales barn, it is required to collect the check off and submit. If you sell by private treaty, you (the seller) are responsible to remit the $4/head check off (there is an enforcement officer to monitor that this is actually happening).
There have been complaints that there needs to be more consequences for sellers that are not submitting their check off dollars, which allow you to become a member of the Beef Farmers of Ontario.
There are some districts that have very few members because most of their cattle are sold through private treaty and the dollars are not being submitted. This is becoming a problem.
Check off dollars are very important for the Beef Farmers of Ontario. If you are selling private treaty, forms and details are available at www.ontariobeef.com
• • •
The Rainy River Future Development Corp. is in the process of developing the third and final tile drainage project with NOHFC.
It is hoping to have the consortium application ready for submission to the NOHFC by June or July.
You need to confirm your participation, and the number of acres you would like to tile, with Geoff Gillon at 274-3276.
You cannot tile land that was supported by the NOHFC in the previous land clearing #1 or #2 projects.
This is a great way to improve land!
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Association hosted its annual awards night on Friday and there was a wonderful group of people attending.
Congratulations to all the members! It is so great to see the new members all excited and pleased about getting their awards, and it just as great to see our older members that still are taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in our program.
4-H has so much to offer and no, you do not have to be a farmer to participate—there are so many projects to choose from.
If you are interested, call Kim Desserre at 483-5412.
The Fort Frances Kiwanis Club has been a long-time supporter of the annual awards night and once again Dr. Lidkea offered us some past history on the early years of 4-H in the district.
Turns out that the Kiwanis Club had purchased turkey eggs for a Turkey Club!
Thanks again to the Kiwanis Club, and to Dr. Lidkea for his great history lesson for us all!