‘Brownee’ popular at Easter market

I’m hoping you all enjoyed a great Easter weekend—and that the Easter Bunny found his way to your house!
Our own Easter Bunny (“Brownee”) made his way to the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market in Fort Frances on Saturday for a picture-taking session with MA Photography and a bunch of cute kids.
It was great to see the market bustling with lots of shoppers preparing for Easter.
“Brownee,” meanwhile, was a good sport and sat for most of the pictures in a basket that he over-filled. Near the end of the session, he was happier just sitting with the kids on the bale of straw.
The girls have played with “Brownee” enough that he is pretty content doing whatever it is that you like.
We are in the market for replacing our old bunny that passed away last fall. We thought we would do it over the Easter weekend, but Maddie and Marlee were quite busy with hockey so we had to postpone that.
Our plans are to get a female and I have promised the girls that we would have a litter of bunnies at some point.
• • •
The girls were anxious to get out to the country on Sunday to show off their new electric scooters and, of course, to participate in our annual Easter hunt. The Easter Bunny had stuff stashed in 18 different spots and clues were given for hunt.
He didn’t hide anything too big but it’s pretty exciting to watch them dash off to the locations and then run back to proudly show you want they had found.
I reminded my mom that Shane and I weren’t that lucky. Our Easter Bunny didn’t hide things outside, and most times they were just dropped in a couple of empty ashtrays in the house.
• • •
After our big Easter meal, we decided it was time to move the sheep into the barn since lambs should be arriving in the next week. It was good exercise to do that after supper since it takes patience, time, and lots of exercise.
Mad and Mar were in charge of leading the flock with their pails of grain. I tried to shut gates behind but never think you can chase them—it just doesn’t work.
After three or four turns, we got them all into the barn. We then had to sort them out into a few pens.
My boyfriend/partner had built some feed bunks for them. But since they are so fat right now, we had to limit how many could eat at each bunk since they were too fat to stand beside each other.
Over the weekend, there was a big timber wolf staring down through the cows at them so they are much safer where they are now!
• • •
I officially opened the Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS) and it looks to be a busy year ahead of us. I (along with every other farmer in our district) am looking forward to a much more pleasant year than last.
There is lots going on in agriculture here in Rainy River District and spring is a busy time for farmers as they prepare for their growing season!