Block heater woes gave me quite the scare

I may come off as rough and tough and hard to bluff but the truth is I worry about a lot.
As soon as I start feeding hay, I worry I won’t have enough. As soon as there is snow on the ground, I worry the cows will lay down and get on their back. When I hear an ambulance, I always wonder where my family is.
I have an older barn so I always worry about a barn fire, especially when I start calving and you are using the lights more and have animals in the barn.
Farm & Food Care graciously lent me a “Flir” camera, which you can use to detect potential hot spots in your barn or even home.
We did one test on my old barn and things were pretty good. We now are going to leave lights on for a while and re-test.
I will have the camera for a bit and would be happy to lend it out to others who are interested. It is quite amazing!
Although the “Flir” camera did not detect this, I have another story. I was telling my boyfriend/partner that I didn’t think my block heater was working. I would say he kind of rolled his eyes at me and replied, “It is likely your extension cord.”
I have more extension cords than Tompkins Hardware because some of you may have seen my Christmas light display. So I changed the cord and told him once again that I did not think the block heater was working.
He decided to pull the tractor out of the barn and have a closer look–what he found is what I worry about. The John Deere tractor has a short block heater cord and you must open the side panel to plug it in.
The previous owner had run an extension cord, so it was longer and you didn’t have to open the side panel. It had completed melted. Chills ran down my spine. I would have lost my tractor and my barn as it is parked inside.
Take a few minutes and look at all these things, and let me know if you would like to borrow this “Flir” camera that I have–it might be well worth your time!
• • •
I finally have had the time (and energy) to get started on my Christmas lights! It will take me most of the week, though.
After have the scare with the block heater, I debated on whether I even should be doing this but. . . .
I haven’t done much for shopping but getting the decorations up is my favourite holiday activity.
• • •
I am pleased to be hosting “Forage Focus” this Thursday (Dec. 6) at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We are joining in remotely with others from across the province.
Technology certainly has made it more possible for all of us in this big province to get together for these types of events!
• • •
Monday was Roxee’s birthday, when she turned seven. She hasn’t had the best fall of her life with her recent injury but she is doing better!
She will have a day of pampering and a few extra treats. She is really a great dog and has been much less destructive on my house than “Black Bettie!”
I have threatened her that we might have to consider having bunny for Christmas!