‘Black Bettie’ has some competition

Though these dreary days are hard to get excited about, the rain is taking away the snow at least.
The barn yard is a wet, greasy mess. THE worst time of the year to have cattle in a contained area.
Most people try and sacrifice an area to get them into clean ground. I am planning to do that myself, but I would like to give them their first round of vaccine’s and wait for the land to dry just a bit more.
We will see how long I can hold off, but I really hate to see them dirty.
• • •
So, Black Bettie has some competition. My brother brought another rabbit to me that needed a home.
Because she had been inside all winter, naturally she joined Black Bettie in the house. (Just what everyone needs–two bunnies inside!)
The new bunny, “Ash” is quite a sweet thing and actually might even be a bit nicer than our spoiled Bettie.
Bettie is not impressed and attacks Ash’s cage. Not only that, she spends most of her time rubbing her head and body on anything that the new bunny has touched. Rabbits are very scent-orientated.
I might be turning into the “crazy rabbit lady” but as soon as our nights are a bit warmer both bunnies are heading outside!
• • •
A big congratulation to the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture Board.
They planned, organized and hosted a very successful “Ag Day” on Saturday. Their speakers were excellent and if you didn’t attend–you really missed out.
It is a lot of work to make these events happen and I am happy that many of you supported this event. Things are only going to continue to grow
and get bigger and better!
• • •
Once again, the Rainy River Stewardship Committee will be hosting their annual tree sale.
This year, you can choose between 20 White Spruce for $5.20 Red Pine for $5 or five Bur Oak for $10.
If you are interested, please book your trees with me: (807) 275-9706.
They will arrive approximately in mid-May.
• • •
While your farmer is off at the cattle sale on April 27–gather some of your friends and join in on the Riverside Foundation’s spring luncheon in Emo!
The theme is “Mama’s Gone Country Chic” and it will be held at the Emo Lavallee Community Centre.
Tickets are only $20, and you won’t be disappointed. These events are always top notch, and the proceeds are going towards purchasing a
medi-lift for the Emo Health Centre.
If you would like a ticket or more, give Allison Cox a call at 274-4803. There will be lunch, a penny table, silent auction, games and a “Country Store Boutique.” Join in on the fun and support our local health care!
• • •
Another busy week ahead! On Thursday at 6 p.m., join Dr. Stacey Angus (Kingsford Vet. Services) at the Emo Legion for a spring update!
Emo Spring Fever Days also begins on Thursday and runs through Saturday.
Sure hope you are planning to join us at Rainy River Meats. We are hosting a BBQ both Friday and Saturday.
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir has taken over the operations and business of Rainy River Meats. We are excited to celebrate with you and congratulate the past owners of taking the imitative to get this business off the ground!
As well, the staff will have some great deals on local meat! Stop in and taste the difference!
• • •
I hope many of you took some time to think about the Humboldt Broncos and Green Shirt Day over the weekend. One year ago, this tragic event occurred. I still feel proud how much our county and others came together.
• • •
I received many comments on how people enjoyed my story about my boyfriend/partner last week.
I had another good one for this week but opted out. I might save it for another time!
• • •
Wishing my dad and my brother happy birthdays! They’re two very special guys!