Billy goats being gruff

We have three goats and there has been hints of getting them bred; “just once Auntie Kimmie!” Well, I wasn’t excited about it. I like the three goats we have but I wasn’t wanting to expand. My mom enjoys catching up with things on Facebook and guess what – there was a pygmy Billy goat looking for a home. She mentioned it a few times and I tried to not act too interested. She mentioned it to M & M and guess what, they were interested! While I went to feed cows, Marlee and my mom went to gather the Billy. They were thinking it would be great if he bred our pygmy and our pygmy cross. The current owners didn’t want him to travel in my mom’s car as he had large horns, so they graciously delivered him to my place. Turns out he was only there a few minutes and our larger goat (a Nubian) was in heat! Once doing his business and feeling quite proud of himself he immediately started to fight with our ram. Keep in mind this Billy is a pygmy and our ram is a Rideau Arcott and is quite large. It turned into quite a battle. I have had bulls fight before but to be honest it was never as bad as this. The little Billy would rear up on his back legs and take a run at the ram. The Billy also had large horns and he knew how to use them. He would hook them under the ram’s front legs and lift him right off the ground. The ram was completely out of breath and was standing gasping for air. The Billy broke his horn hitting the ram so hard and they were both covered in blood. We had to separate them. I called my mom and told her about the situation. Of course, she was feeling bad and I was feeling frustrated. We sorted out our two small goats and put them with the Billy in the barn. We were worried about both fighters, but both seemed to be ok this morning. I just keep hearing my dad saying; “Mother you need to stay off of Facebook!”

As COVID continues we are moving more and more meetings to one of the online platforms. In many ways it has been great as we are participating in many events right at home! No travelling, which is great, but I am also finding it a bit overwhelming as there is almost a daily webinar or meeting. If you are looking for any type of information or training, no matter what it may be – it is likely available! I realize for some this may not be an option if your internet is not great. What we are missing is the networking that happens when you meet in person. But for now, let’s be safe and meet again once we get through all of this.

Be on the lookout for my 2020 Research Station summary. I am just needing to put my final touches in. Katie, my one and only summer student finished her last day last Friday! I was fortunate that she could stay on through the fall! We had a different summer in more that one way but I was very fortunate to get to spend 2020 with Katie!