Being sick killed all my big plans

And so winter hangs on although I’m hearing that we’re supposed to be in double-digit temperatures for daytime highs by week’s end.
Won’t that be something!

Well, I ended up sick again last week and missed out on all my big plans. I understand we had a great turnout at the work bee at the Stratton sales barn on Saturday.
Thanks to all of you who made it.
Our Standard Operating Principles met last week and finished up a few more SOPs for our barn operations. We are trying to develop a manual so anyone could pick it up and see how the barn operations happen.
I certainly saw the value in this after being sick and my mom, who understands my chore schedule well, ended up with the ’flu for the past week!
Keep that in mind–you may be fine doing stuff on your own but sickness can come on suddenly and it is difficult explaining what to do to someone else, especially when you don’t even feel like talking.
I was getting worried about the sheep since they are so close to lambing now but I had no energy to move them into the barn.
Finally on Saturday afternoon, we gathered extra help and moved them in! The little lambs would have little chance in weather like this.
I also had big plans to vaccinate my cow herd over the weekend–but that didn’t happen, either. We certainly wouldn’t have had to wear rubber boots; we would have been dressed in our winter wear and the mud is froze solid!
I know it will change and then we will be back to complaining about how wet it is.

If you are looking for tree seedlings (red pine, white spruce, or cedar), the Rainy River Stewardship Council once again is bringing them in early in May.
Red pine and white spruce are in bundles of 20 for $5 while the Cedar is in bundles of 10 for $5.
Please let me know if you are interested. We are happy to donate to schools for a day of tree planting, as well!

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is hosting an information meeting for area farmers who have employees!
Farm Safety and WSIB is coming in for a session tomorrow (April 14) from 1-3 p.m. at the Emo Legion.
This is open to everyone–and keep in mind even if you have your children/family members working on the farm, this applies to you!
Rules actually are slightly different for farmers, but it’s important to get correct information regarding your responsibilities.
Thanks to RRFA for organizing and hosting this!

James has been busy out and about gathering cattle for our upcoming spring sale on Saturday, April 23.
If you have anything to sell, contact him at 487-2731 or 271-2005.

You may have noticed the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual Canada Day Cash Lottery tickets are now available.
This is a worthwhile ticket to buy. Not only do you have multiple chances to win, you also are supporting health care right here at home!
They sure make a great birthday gift for the people in your life that you are never sure just what to buy for them!