Battling through really tough year

I know you shouldn’t complain about all the wrong things in your life because I do realize how much good I have.
But seriously–this year really has been a tough one! We’ve lost some good people in our district, this weather, and personally I’m just having a tough time with many things.
I cannot seem to get caught up and I keep adding to my list instead of taking things off. I could cry at the drop of a pin right now.
Today, as I have month-end stuff to complete and e-mails to respond to, the University of Guelph has changed our e-mail systems and I can’t even access what I need to access.
It is just not funny.
Unfortunately, most of the jobs I have are not even something I can hand over to anyone–I just need to sit down and plug away.

Last week while attending the BFO summer meeting, I was reminded again of how big our province is and how most people have no understanding of what is happening on this end of the province.
They had a sign posted at the meeting that read: “Keep Calm and Pray for Rain!”
Although I feel for them knowing that drought is very difficult and hard to manage, but so is too much rain.
I try to share with others what is happening in Rainy River District but sometimes I wonder who is listening?

This is a busy week with preparations for our annual crop tour and open house at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
Fortunately, it looks like we are in for a good week weather-wise so I hope this will make the work a bit easier.
Thankfully, Timo from Brielmann Agriculture has planned out an exciting crop tour.
We will begin at EARS at 10 a.m. and from there we will move to the farms of Mark Husser (soybean and corn) and Donald Martin (corn). Then we’ll move to Bill and Colin Roymn, where will look at a new grain bin, as well as wheat canola crops.
We will relax there for a few minutes with our bag lunch before heading to Brielmann Agriculture to visit our soybean trials.
We then will swing into their large grain storage site at Pinewood, after which we’ll drive past a lot of their wheat and canola heading to Sleeman to see the recent tiling that is taking place.
After this, we will visit the Krahns, where we will see corn trials, barley, and alfalfa.
Depending on time, some may wish to visit North End Farms or you may need to end the day so you can attend the open house at EARS starting at 7 p.m.
We have Mike Klassen from Ag Advantage joining us while a Thunder Seed soybean rep will be with us for the morning.
We also will have a drone demonstration at EARS that evening!
I know it is a busy time of year for us all trying to make hay and fighting the weather, but I hope you take some time to come out and support what we are trying to do in our district.
If you have any questions or want to find out where we are along the tour, call my cell phone at 275-9706.

As many of you may know, we lost a good friend of mine last week. Ken Fisher passed away and I still can hardly believe it.
Ken was full of life and it seems hard to grasp that something was able to take the life out of him.
Earlier this year when he was diagnosed with cancer, Ken asked that I do the eulogy at his funeral. It really caught me off guard but I also feel very honoured that he asked me to do such a personally tribute.
Though I have many stories I could share, I’m having difficulty deciding on what to choose. Ken was well-known by so many and he was a true friend to many–he was the life of party or meeting, and cared deeply about his family and friends.
He will be missed in so many ways and by so many people. Rest easy, Fisher. . . .