Barn upgrades are underway

Last week they opened the Covid Shot booking to 50 + and I am booked! Though I had a bit of a wait to get through the person on the other end of the line was extremely friendly and helpful. I made it a point to tell them him how grateful I was for his courtesy as I have called in and booked for others and they have been so nice! I am hopeful that getting these shots is one step closer to returning to normal.

I got my bulls out Friday night and breeding has begun! The only thing sad on the farm Friday night was my horse as the bulls are his BFF’s and though he can see the cattle he was till missing his friends. I was planning to get him out and vaccinate, deworm, and trim his feet over the weekend but I ran out of time so it will be an evening job this week.

The sheep and goats are all moved out of the small barn and running and jumping in the pole barn. My mom came and helped me clean up the barn, it looks great! Next is getting the rabbits out of their hotel in the barn to their summer cages but I didn’t get to that and though I think they will enjoy the sunshine it really wasn’t that warm this weekend. This can be an evening job as well. I am still trying to convince the girls to take their town bunny back to town for the summer, but they seem to think they are too busy with their puppy! If Willy doesn’t go to town for the summer we do have enough cages for him outside because Black Bettie doesn’t really plan on going outside at all. Well, she might sit on the deck for a few hours here and there but that’s about it.

My boyfriend/partner has been busy harrowing fields and this week we are hoping to get fertilizer spread on our hayfields and pasture. First time my dad isn’t doing this for me. He enjoyed doing the tractor jobs and I enjoyed him doing it. Especially when I must be somewhere else! I look forward to the day when I can be home everyday and do these jobs, but I hate to wish time away. I have started my spring “Wish List” of things I would like to accomplish on the farm. I must admit that because of covid and less other activities happening it does help in tackling a few other tasks because we are spending much more time at home. I do look forward to visiting with my friends though!

Volunteers have been working most days at the Sales Barn. If you have any available time, please reach out to Louis Bujold 276-3493 to find out what is happening and if you would be able to assist. Covid restrictions are followed. Parents, if you kids are needing volunteer hours, we would be happy to help with that but again you will need to talk with Louis.

Last year we were challenged with our 4-H Beef Clubs and here we are again! The local volunteers are meeting this week to discuss a plan for the upcoming year. Stay tuned!