Back to the cold

I was thinking that the cold weather Monday morning was quite an April Fool’s Day trick!
The sun was shining, but it was pretty darn stiff in the barn yard.
It’s amazing that last year at this time, we were thinking about planting. This year, however, I can’t even see me plowing anytime soon.
• • •
I’m officially back at the Emo Agricultural Research Station, which means my full-time farming days are over once again.
Unfortunately, I’m certainly not well-rested and because of such a crazy week last week, I had a difficult time leaving my driveway Monday morning.
Thankfully, my boyfriend/partner was off from work so “Lil Rox” spent the day with him and my mom. Meanwhile, Maddie and Marlee, who had the day off school, were able to check on the cows and feed our bottle baby at lunch time.
My poor cow ended up getting much sicker and we had to put her down. Being Easter weekend, Stacey (my vet cousin) was home and able to check her out.
She was a very sick cow and it is quite amazing that she had a live, healthy calf. My friend offered me a cow for it, but I dreaded the work to get him and her to bond.
I also felt he already had a fairly rough start to life and was quite enjoying his bottle. As well, the girls absolutely loved him and they practised—one with him and the other with “Roxee”—like they were at the Emo Fair most of the weekend.
• • •
I was hoping for heifers from the last cows that calved but, of course, they all have been bulls. Marlee was really hoping for a new “Lane!”
Well, she got a new one but it is a bull. He only had slid out of the cow a few minutes and she already was pouting because we had to sell him.
But I told her that there were six months between now and then!
• • •
We had another successful Easter egg hunt despite the snow being so deep and is was a miserable Sunday morning. It is so nice to see how happy you can make two little girls with such a simple little gesture.
• • •
Happy third birthday to Callen! Thanks for the fun party.
• • •
You can go ahead and check out Cornell Farm’s website. The new listings of bulls are all there now and you also can watch short video clips of them on YouTube.
• • •
Our first cattle sale of the season is scheduled for Saturday, April 20 at the Stratton sales barn.