Agriculture Food Week is here

This is Ontario Agriculture Food Week! October 3 to the 9 is dedicated to celebrating the abundance of food Ontario farmers produce, the people our industry employs, the rural communities supported by Ontario agriculture and the economic engine we fuel. Ontario farmers proudly grow and produce more than 200 different food commodities for the province, country, and world. Join in by taking a moment this week to reflect on the bounty that is Ontario agriculture and give a nod to the people who dedicate their livelihoods to producing safe, healthy food, raising awareness of the industry, and shaping the policies and regulations that govern agriculture.

With the great weather last week, we were very busy! We were able to finish the Hops harvest and the Three Sisters project! We have a building full of hops, sunflowers, green beans and squash! The hops will make their way to Lake of the Woods and the Three Sisters crops will be heading to the University of Manitoba. We are planning to get our beans off this week and work on preparing the land for 2023. Hard to believe but the grass needs to be cut again! This weather has been incredible. The frost last week really helped to get our beans closer to harvest! I have a big deadline looming for some of my data and Hunter has been busy getting seed cleaned for me so I can get those numbers plugged into the computer but when it is sunny, I don’t want to be at the computer.

Our Sales Barn Committee met at the barn last week to review our sale and compile a plan/list to get things ready for the next sale. It is smarter to do this when the sale is fresh in your mind that wait until the next one and do the, “oh, ya, we were going to do this before the sale!”

On Sunday our family was honoured to be a part of the dedication service for my dad at the Emo/LaVallee Community Centre. My dad spent a good part of his life at the arena, and he truly loved it. Before he retired from CN he had already started at the arena and then once retiring he was able to spend more time there. He loved the people and our incredible community and dedicated many hours to making things better. He tended to watch out for the “underdog” and enjoyed many compliments on how clean the arena was and how great his ice was. Our great community installed a beautiful plaque in his memory on the wall of one of his favourite places. I can honestly say that my dad would be absolutely pleased. Our entire family was very touched by this gesture and are so thankful that our community recognized the passion my dad had for this special place! Thank you so much for those of you who took the time to come out and join us for this special time. To those of you who organized this event, Thank You — you really touched us with this dedication.