Ag Day a huge success for local agriculture

Hats off to the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture for organizing and hosting a wonderful Ag Day this past Saturday. For those of you that didn’t take time – you really missed out! The event will only grow bigger every year now that things are back on track. Cauls Catering served a wonderful lunch! Door prizes were a hit – even though I didn’t get my name drawn I was happy for all those who did. Organizing events like this is not an easy task and believe it or not – our weather plays a role in whether people attend. I will admit I was nervous because it was our first nice Saturday but thankfully people showed up and participated. Keep up the great work RRFA, your leadership in our community is appreciated.

I will admit I was having a hard time being inside on such a nice day for Ag Day and in the back of my mind it was hard not to disconnect from things that needed to be done at home – i.e., boosting vaccines, sorting cows, getting the bulls out, getting the last of the sheep out of the barn etc. But no problem we tackled that job in the rain all day Sunday! What a Mother’s Day! I would easily say the happiest creatures at my place on Sunday was the bulls. Unfortunately, I had to call in more help because the mud and miserable weather makes things hard and my best helper, my mom – is out of commission with a very sore knee that needs doctor’s attention. It is a great job to have completed but I am going to be honest – doing it soaked to the bone is not that fun.

You may have remembered me mentioning about a company wanting to come a plant a plot with a drone. We couldn’t make that happen last fall but they are planning a trip here on May 26. I will reach out to those of you that may want to take this event in. We may all want to plant with a drone this year if this weather doesn’t straighten up. I don’t like being negative but it sure is easy when the weather is like this. There is no way we will be out on the land this week and planting after the 15 of May decreases yields. Then the other thing that is bothering me is the fact we need heat to grow our grass. We have the moisture, but we need heat. People are out or near out of hay – pasture needs to grow for our livestock. Predictions are we are going to end up hot and dry again but at least we’ve got moisture going into it.

Happy to report that I can join back up with the Emo Beef Club. Emo and Devlin members are joining this year and I am looking forward to it. I am happy to be with some very special members that will be finishing up their 4-H career this year! Stay tuned for 4-H updates!!