Able to make some hay

Well, I’m sure everyone was back to wearing long pants and sleeves on Monday morning!
What more can we expect–the polar vortex is still hanging around!
I know we often joke about living in Northwestern Ontario, and having the heat and air conditioning on all in one day, but that was pretty much the case over the weekend.
We did manage to make a few bales of hay–maybe enough to keep a couple of cows over the winter. But we are a long way from finished and we already are at the middle of July.
Alas, the hay is losing quality each and every day as it gets older.
I can say I was pleasantly surprised that the fields that I’ve been in so far, I haven’t made a bunch of ruts. Then again, I do have smaller, lighter equipment, which I guess on a year like this is a bit of a bonus.
Of course, any amount of hay cut and laying in the field getting rained on is too much–but it is hard to not cut when time it ticking away.
I have a fair bit getting washed, but let’s hope the weather will smarten up soon!
• • •
Maddie and Marlee returned from their vacation and made their way out to the country. We hadn’t seen them for a long time!
They have their own wheels now in the country! My old lawn mower officially had to be retired from mowing grass, so we took the old deck off and they now are able to drive it around.
It’s great practise learning to use a clutch—and it’s a great bunch of laughs as they explore how to use it!
Of course, both are anxious to get their fair animals ready but all I can think about is making hay!
I did pull my bulls and it was a good thing I did it when I did since this cooler weather would have made it more difficult to get them in.
• • •
Please mark on your calendar the Rainy River Soil and Crop Improvement’s annual crop tour on Thursday, July 31.
Unfortunately, our first stop had to cancel so now we will start at 9:30 a.m. on Cameron Road (Scott McNabb’s), followed by Bill Romyn’s place.
After lunch at Morley Park (bring your own), it’s off to Timo Brielmann, Mark Husser, and finally at Larry Lamb.
If you are interested in attending, be at the Emo Agricultural Research Station by 9 a.m. and we will leave from there. We can car pool as much as possible.
We also will try to drive past as many other fields as we can (I understand Jamie Beal and Jason Lilley have some great-looking soybeans).
We have a bunch of special guests attending, as well, so I’m hoping we have a good turnout of people to show how much we enjoy working and learning from each other.
Then that evening is the annual open house at the research station starting at 7 p.m. We will tour the plots and light refreshments will be available.
I hope to see everyone there!
• • •
Just a reminder that the inaugural “Harmony of Nations” Music Festival goes this Friday and Saturday (July 18-19) under the big tent at the Sorting Gap Marina.
I’m looking forward to listening to some great music and visiting with everyone!