Abattoir in need of help to stay open

Well, we cannot complain about this incredible stretch of weather at all. The sun has been incredible and now with the harvest moon there is so much beauty all times of the day. As I look at the forecast there is some precipitation mentioned and it reminded me that there is a cattle sale coming right up. This means we will be gathering cattle in corrals which is a much nicer job in dry conditions. Rubber boots will be pulled back out and dusted off. Weaning, preg. checking, vaccinating, and deworming will be happening over the next couple of months. This is also a very busy time at the Abattoir and processing shops. If you are on my email list, you will have seen a note from me that we continue to look for staff at the abattoir. I know many businesses are struggling for staff along side us. I am very worried about the possibility of closure of our abattoir. I know many will find this funny since we are booked full for the next few months, but the truth is you cannot run the place without staff. The board has continued to reach out through as many networks as possible with no luck. We are losing a very key person at Rainy River Meats as well so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please reach out to one of us. The abattoir benefits all of us – this is just not a farmer related issue.

Since we cancelled our cattle sale in August our first fall cattle sale is happening on September 24. James has been out visiting farms, but he may miss you and if you have time, he would appreciate a heads up on your intention to bring cattle. This really helps buyers and arranging trucking out of the sales barn. Of course, we have some last-minute jobs that will need to be completed. Like I said before, we have crammed our entire summer into the last month, so all these extra jobs get left in the dust. Thank you to those who have continued to show up at the Sales Barn as time permitted to weld, fix, replace and complete many of our jobs. We hope to have time to show our appreciation to you all at some point. Dan Rose, a former Ag Rep, was able to visit our new Sales Barn facility thanks to Telford Advent and he was so impressed with our facilities. He was part of the original crew that started this venture in 1960.

Personally, I am debating on selling my calves at this sale or next month. I feel like the cattle have really started to grow this last month now that it has dried up. Then I worry about pasture and giving the cows a break from their calves etc. There is always some big decision to make and even after all these years I still struggle with that. But it is funny, I don’t really like being told what to do. I will have a bull and couple cows that will be going to the September 24 sale. I am already getting sad about selling my bull. A good bull becomes such a special part of the farm – you don’t need them very long each year but if they respect you and the rules, they are valuable.

Yesterday we celebrated by moms 73rd birthday! What a great day for a birthday the sun was shining, and it was beautiful. I even cooked! I feel like being inside cooking is such a huge waste of time, but my mom is worth it! (Though she did help me and my one arm a wee bit.)