Abattoir AGM was successful

The sun was bright and warm on Saturday and much of our snow cover was lost and the slippery driveways have returned.
Maddie came rushing out of the house to join me in the tractor and wiped out pretty good which causes me some concern since my broken-hipped Dad is off to a doctor’s appointment today.
He is hoping for some news that he can’t start returning some weight on his leg.
He won’t have to worry that he is carrying in extra weight since he is mostly a bone rack.
He won’t be off and running either, but I think he is wanting to get the O.K. to move around a bit more.
I think he is missing his coffee friends and especially his daily trips to “check his tickets!”
• • •
Marlee is still spending as much time as she can in her deer stand hoping to get a deer.
I must give her credit–she has been sitting some hours and comes out freezing, but she stays.
She has been seeing some nice deer on her camera so she is hoping one of them will appear when she is able to sit.
• • •
We really had a successful abattoir AGM last week.
For the first time in a while, we feel we are making some progress on some of our major issues. Things don’t move fast.
Our board is full, and we are excited that Todd McLean and Brent Miller have joined us.
Financially, we still have a long way to go but we are feeling positive that things are going to improve over time.
Thank you to those who took the time to come out.
I can say that as a board with many challenges facing us just to keep the doors open, it is a good feeling to have people come out and hear the update on our progress.
• • •
We have put our ram out to do his thing now. We will have lambs five months from now.
We kept four of this year’s lambs and we will hold them back for a week and then they will join up with the ram as well.
The goats, sheep and alpaca are all happier now that the ground is a bit harder and they are not walking around in the mud.
Guess we all are.
• • •
We had Luke from Blackhawk Simmentals over last week with his Bobcat machine to clean out our shed.
Our tractor won’t fit in there, so we try to get it cleaned out every two or three years.
Luke does a really great job and he is very quick.
It is always nice if it can be down when we can haul the manure away, but this wet fall didn’t allow much time to do any of this type of work.
I have some work to do on the walls of the shed and some panels to be put back in place, but it is nice the manure is gone.
My boyfriend/partner did some work in the barn yard over the weekend as well. It is still pretty soft around, so you do have to be careful where you go.
Though calving is a bit away, we need to get things ready otherwise stuff gets froze down or buried in snow.
In a couple weeks, we will be bringing all the cow’s home for vaccinating and deworming so it will be nice if we have things leveled off for their footing.
• • •
Rainy River Soil & Crop Association is planning their AGM. The date is not confirmed yet, but we do know it will be the second week of December.
The forages specialist and the cereal specialist with OMAFRA are planning on attending, so please watch for more information and plan to attend!