A weekend of sunshine

It was a great weekend to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Although I spent a lot of Saturday filling up hay feeders, it was still enjoyable to be outside. Sunday was great. I went for a snowmobile ride and for the first time in my 50 years, I made it to Abbott Lake. It is just a little lake North of my place. I have tried to get there in the past and had no luck. As a kid I always remembered my great Uncles chatting about it. The lake had just a few animal tracks, and other than that it was just a nice little quiet place in the middle of the bush. It was great. I do wish that Nanny was here so I could have taken her for a visit. On more than one occasion she rode double with me and I showed her some places that we had only chatted about. Getting to some of those places in the summer is nearly impossible. I really enjoy snowmobiling, but once my cows start calving it isn’t that easy to get away nor do I have the energy to drive around on one, so it was a great Sunday for sure!
I have completed some of my bigger tasks in the office, so it looks like it is time to move back to house cleaning. (Ugh) I didn’t finish everything before Christmas so before I get too tired and lazy it needs to be tackled. I do enjoy finding things that I shouldn’t be storing and getting rid of that type of stuff. I am bad to keep empty boxes, “just in case you need one or you need to return the item.” I burned a fair few of those in this last little while.
The Rainy River District 4-H Awards night is booked for March 6 in Stratton once again. If you are planning on attending, please get in touch with Angel by this Friday to reserve your seat! You can call her at 483-1167 or drop her a text at 276-4163.
I am looking for summer students for the 2020 season at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. You must be a college/university student. The reason I need someone in college or university is because I need you to be able to start either the last week of April or first week of May. If the weather cooperates, this is when a lot of our plots are planted. I just need a quick letter and resume from you. Please send to kbliss@uoguelph.ca It is a pretty good summer job!
So, what do I go and do but break the cable that runs from the barn to the cow TV in my bedroom? I wasn’t paying attention and was taking another bale ring out to the cows. As soon as I noticed how high I had the loader – it snapped. I was very frustrated with myself. I still have wi-fi in the barn that allows me to see the cameras on my phone, iPad and computer but I really like the dedicated camera line that works without wi-fi! Once my partner returned from the trap-line, he fixed it up for me, but I was panicking that I just screwed up my entire system at the most important time!
Just a reminder that this is the week that we celebrate Canada’s Ag Day! The theme is this year is “Raise a Fork to the food we love and the people who produce it.” Though the celebration day is Tuesday Feb. 11 – you can celebrate any day by cooking an all Canadian Meal and take the time to think about the work that went into growing that meal for you! Did you know that Food Freedom Day was Feb. 8, 2020? That is the day that a Canadian household has earned enough to pay for their grocery bill for the entire year!