A raven enjoyed my Easter treats

Here is hoping everyone enjoyed Easter weekend. The weather was decent for the most part and it was a great time to get outside!
We tackled vaccinating all our cows, calves, and yearlings. Although it was a slow task (with slow-moving cattle), it was a job well-done!
I had a few cows that were spending some time scratching on the gate but my boyfriend/partner made that gate electric, so the butt-scratching is over now.
Meanwhile, the lambs have started to arrive and we spent a good part of Saturday hosting people who wanted to come and enjoy their cuteness.
They are happy little bouncy animals that seems to put a smile on everyone’s face!
• • •
I laid out our annual Easter egg hunt on Sunday before Maddie and Marlee made it out. It becomes a bigger challenge every year to find a new clue and place to hide.
Once things were in place, I thought I would run over with a little treat to my vet cousin’s kids. But as I was driving away, I saw a big raven flying with something in its mouth.
It crossed my mind that he might have some of my Easter treats but I thought to myself, no, that can’t be-I had them all double-wrapped in Ziploc baggies because of the rain.
Alas, I returned home and thought I would check a couple of the spots–and sure enough, the raven ate two solid chocolate bunny rabbits and a big bag of M&Ms. I sure hope he had a bellyache.
I had to go and take a few things from some of the other gifts I had planned to give others to fill in my spots! I then had to stand guard until the girls made it out.
The girls came all decked out in their new rubber boots, their hair was all done up pretty, and they were sporting their newly-knit sweaters that grandma made for them out of wool from our own sheep!
We thought it was appropriate to do a photo shoot with the sheep.
• • •
Thanks to those who took the time out of their own lives and schedules to come to the Stratton sales barn on Saturday and participate in our work-bee.
As always, the crew accomplishes a lot in a short period of time.
It certainly makes you appreciate what a great community we live in.
• • •
Just a reminder that “Catch the Ace” tickets are now on sale. They cost $2 each and if your ticket gets drawn this Saturday during “Spring Fever Days” in Emo, you get the chance to pick from the deck of cards.
You are looking for the ace of spades. If you don’t find it, you get 20 percent of this week’s ticket sales while the other 30 percent continues on for the progressive jackpot.
The tickets have a spot to write your envelope number. The deck of cards are put in envelopes and are numbered 1-52, so you don’t have to be present to win!
We hope to make this a fun community event so be sure to get your tickets today (if you don’t know where to find them, give me a call at 275-9706).
• • •
Remember, if you are looking for tree seedlings this year, the Rainy River Stewardship Council is selling white spruce and red pine.
There are 20 in a bundle for $5. Call me today to book your trees.
• • •
This Saturday, along with “Spring Fever Days” in Emo, is our spring cattle sale in Stratton.
James has a great bunch of cattle lined up for this sale, which gets underway at 8:30 a.m.
If you have cattle to bring or any questions, give James a call at 271-2005.