A messy spring on the way

Here we are; the end of March! And what a month it has been. I hope this finds you all well and still staying home. I am really wanting to believe that us “rural” folk are much smarter about obeying the rules than those in the larger urban centres. I hear people complaining about the essential and non-essential list, but the bottom line is; if we would have listened, followed the rules and stayed home they wouldn’t have had to make the list! Stay home, if not for the health and safety of your own family – do it for others.
It was certainly a beautiful sunny weekend. And with that sunshine and wind it really did knock the snow down. I am certainly hoping the slow melt will continue as you may notice in the fields already the crazy amount of standing water we have, much of it is a result of last fall’s terrible mess. Though we are seeing mud now, the best is yet to come. Get your best rubber boots ready, you are going to need them.
I have been continuing to tackle my house cleaning. Over the weekend I washed my kitchen walls, cupboards etc. Black Bettie is housed in the kitchen when she isn’t occupying the rest of the house. Her condo is close to a register close to the fridge. Well, I discovered a good depth of Black Bettie hair on top of the cupboards over the fridge. I have to say though, when you are cleaning, I want to find these kinds of messes. I want the water to get dirty, otherwise it is too easy to say – “well that was a waste of time!” I am starting to run low on my cleaning supplies again. That is a good excuse to quit but I will likely have to make a store run for my family at some point this week.
Our sheep are due to lamb near the middle of April. I ended up bringing in a ewe today that seemed to be shaping up rather quickly. Thought it was better to be safe than sorry. You never know with these things. They could have a mass of lambs inside and they may come early with a crowded area.
Many have been asking about our Spring Cattle Sale that is booked for April 25. At this point it will go on. There will be restrictions. The only spectators that are allowed are those that are buying. James has reached out to buyers and others. Everyone is committed to attending at this point. Beef Farmers of Ontario and LMAC have put together protocols for Auctions Barns. We are fortunate that we have been working with DLMS – an internet way to purchase cattle. Our eastern buyers have indicated that they would drive up rather than fly. Keep in touch with James – it is still extremely helpful if you let him know what you are planning to bring to the Sale.
Some of the things that have been hard on our younger friends and family is having birthdays during these times of social distancing. It is hard but once this is behind us, the parties will be even better! I would like to wish my cousin Callen a very happy birthday and as well my friend Kairis! Wishing you both a great birthday and you guys should start planning a big, fun party for later this year!!!