A lot of hay being made

You may have noticed there is a lot of hay being made these nice sunny days.
The last few days of haze have made it a bit more difficult to get hay to dry though. It also helps if there is a nice breeze, not 90km/hr winds but a breeze.
I make only dry hay so hot, breezy days are ideal. Many guys make haylage; that is the stuff you see in the long white bag or even some individual bags.
That hay doesn’t need to dry completely, and they wrap it in the bags without oxygen and it ferments properly. The cows like it.
It is a similar process that you would see when farmers would fill their silo with forages.
Those fields that are doing haylage have the bales cleaned off right away since they need to get them into the bags either the same day as baling or early the next morning.
We ended up with a few problems on the weekend, but thanks to good friends/neighbours, we were doing again. We decided to hold off on cutting because of the weather forecast.
Hope we don’t regret that.
Sometimes I wonder if we should even check the weather
• • •
We finally had a few minutes to sit down and plan the soil and crop tour for July 25.
We will meet at the research station at 9 a.m. We will head out to John Sawatzky’s where he will have a soil profile dug.
Sebastian Belliard the OMAFRA Soil Management specialist is attending so we should have some great discussion with this.
We will also see some of John’s grazing areas and soybeans.
From there we will head to the Barwick Park for lunch. Please pack you own lunch.
From there we will head over to Stefan and Peter Gerber’s canola fields.
Next stop is Conrad Martin who just purchased a farm in Stratton where he is growing soybeans for the first time.
We will then head to the far west end and visit Calvin Krahn who is back in the area farming and has some great looking soybeans.
We will also visit Philip Krahn who has a great looking barley field!
The schedule looks great, so I am really hoping to see you all out.
We have many special guests coming so please show your support!
That evening is the open house at EARS, so book the day for fun, learning and visiting.
• • •
I was very sad too hear the passing of Jim Keddie.
June is a good friend of mine and her and Jim would have been married for 70 years this year. They took such great care of each other.
• • •
Thanks to all of you that showed up at our Street Meat Fish Fry last Friday.
I am sorry if the line was long and slow and you missed out. We were trying our best!
We had many compliments on how good it was and thanks for that! Stay tuned, we will try do something again.
Like everything, we are just short on volunteers.
• • •
Some of you know that I have been having some feet troubles this year. I know I am overweight and old but I have been trying everything.
One has improved a lot. The other was still giving me grief.
My friend Russ from Taggs recommended Oofos shoes. They have made a huge difference. I highly recommend them.