A frustrating year for farmers so far

For the first time this year, I finally was able to get some much-needed yard work accomplished this past weekend.
Well, I nearly had to get the tractor to pull my lawn mower out in one spot and had to go around a few puddles after that. But the grass is cut, the weeds are trimmed, and I have most of my flowers planted.
Crazy–it’s nearly the middle of June and I’m just planting flowers!
As I spent time on my lawn mower, I was thinking that even though you should never wish your life away, I’m looking forward to retiring and cutting my grass and keeping up with my yard!
I really shouldn’t be wishing to retire, however, especially with things not so stable at the Emo Agricultural Research Station!
I also wound up making a quick trip to Winnipeg last week and noticed many unplanted fields. There also were many areas where some had tried to make a few passes only to find it too wet yet.
What a frustrating year for many farmers and such a late season. And to think the longest day of the year soon will be here and gone!
• • •
I arrived back at EARS on Friday afternoon in time to inspect the canola for flea beetles and we found a few.
I checked with my contact in Manitoba to see if I should go ahead and spray, but at this point it just needs to be monitored closely.
Our weather conditions have been perfect for pests–both insects and weeds!
• • •
I then was heading for home when I got the dreaded call: “Your cows are out!” My friend was heading home from work only to find my cows heading west!
I quickly drove home, changed my clothes, and went off to find them. Luckily, they knew they needed to get back home so once they saw the four-wheeler and heard me, they just followed my home!
For some reason, the electric wire right in the yard at Nanny’s was down and it was an easy escape.
I have no idea why they decided to head west but at least they were back home!
• • •
I enjoyed a nice dinner Sunday night with Cornell Farms and a guest they had in from Guelph. It is always nice to hear from outsiders on what their view is on our district.
She challenged us to come up with an “asset inventory list” on all that we have here. As she noted, we often think that urban centres have so much more but if we stop and think about our clean, green environment, we have so much to offer people.
We have birds, we have culture, and we have some very talented people in many areas! I think we should start to make a list!
• • •
Just a reminder to mark your calendars for the Rainy River Regional Abattoir meeting booked for Wednesday, June 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Barwick Hall.
We are looking to hear from all our members so please take time to attend!
• • •
We still have trees—white spruce and red pine! They cost 25 cents per tree and need to get planted soon!
Stop in at EARS and we’ll be happy to send you home with some trees.