4H, Fair Queen and more, Emo Fall fair a success

All it took was the Emo Fair to get some much-needed rain. We ended up with ¾” at home and a bit more at the Research Station. I am hearing reports of over 2” in the Rainy River area and that is great. It is nice to see a few puddles around, though it won’t last long. The good think is we seem to have moved to more moderate temperatures so it might give a chance for it to soak in rather than evaporate off. I don’t think it is going to make a bunch of difference in our pasture, but it certainly won’t hurt anything.

We had a very successful Emo Fair weekend! I don’t think one person complained about the rain but what a temperature difference between Friday and Saturday. It was a much-enjoyed change and worked out perfectly for our 4-H Members. Preparing your animals and showing in these extremely hot temperatures is very difficult. Once again, our community showed up and supported our 4-H members extremely well. We set records this weekend! We had a steer sell for $9.10 a lb (Aaron Bujold and thank you Fort Frances GM) and we also had a record-breaking heavy steer that weighed in at 1734 lbs (Sydney Romyn)! Thank you to each and everyone of you that bid and bought at our Sale. It was sure good to be back at a live auction again! I was excited that a Hereford heifer took Grand-Champion heifer (Aaron Bujold). A big congratulations to every member that showed up and participated it is a lot of work and effort.

Aynsley Teeple was crowned our 2021 Fair Queen! How exciting to have a 4-H Member reigning over as a Queen! I was so pleased that as her entertainment she chose to do a video of getting her steer prepped for the fair. Her knowledge and sense of humour was perfect! All the contestants were great though – it must have been tough on the judges! Congratulations to the Fair Board for pulling off a great event. I think people were so happy to be out and about once again.

Most of you know that we have had to postpone our first cattle sale that was scheduled for this weekend until September 11. We are disappointed we couldn’t pull it off, but the main reason was we were unable to get our scale certified in time. I think we are disheartened as we all know too well what a difficult year our producers are having, and we would like to be able to offer a market for everyone. We know that many people may have to sell before that, but it is out of our control. It is certainly not because there hasn’t been a great deal of effort put in by so many. We will use this time to get the project completed fully. If you have some time you would be able to spare, please reach out to Louis and he would gladly assign you a task.