4-H hold club shows

I am having a hard time believing we are already nearing the middle of August. My life has been a blur the past week and a half and normally we would be on the mad rush to prepare for the Emo Fall Fair. My dad passed away on July 30 and my world has been turned upside down. The support of our community and others near and far has simply been overwhelming. I will do my best to respond to every text, email and phone call. I am still feeling very broken so please excuse me if I am not up to being my old self for a bit. This is going to leave a large void for my entire family. We all realize this is life and nothing is promised. I know we have all been told this before, but please be sure that your loved ones know how much you care about them. Take the time to be kind, say thank you and cherish every minute.
Over the weekend our 4-H Beef Clubs held their Club Shows. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was a little less desirable, but we all made it through the day. We were thankful for all who hosted the shows, and of course our three judges; James Gibson, Brent Miller & Riley Caul. I think the smaller club shows were quite a hit. I myself enjoyed it and both Maddie and Marlee said they did as well. Marlee just missed working in the 4-H Food Booth.
United Beef Club – Location Neil & Ang Haw
Top 2 Market Steers: Hayden Haw, Georgia Romyn
Top 2 Heifers: Sydney Romyn, Addison Brown
Showmanship: Hayden Haw, Kennah LeBlanc
Chapple Beef Club – Location Pam & Murray Wilson
Top 2 Market Steers: Malena Flatt, Cale Wilson
Showmanship: Malena Flatt, Heaven States
Emo Beef Club – Location Will & Sherri Hay
Top 2 Market Steers: Avery Cates, Braydon Kreger
Top 2 Heifers: Bradley Teeple, Aynsley Teeple
Showmanship: Katie Hay, Avery Cates
Devlin Beef Club – Location Louis & Shari Bujold
Top 2 Market Steers: Tayah Badiuk, Aaron Bujold
Top 2 Heifers: Madison Bliss, Aaron Bujold
Showmanship: Aaron Bujold, Hanna LeDrew
So, now this Saturday these animals and members are competing for the Over-All Championship. It will be an exciting day to come together and go through these top animals. I am so happy that we found a way for the kids to show off their animals during this strange and difficult year. It takes a lot of work to get these animals ready to show and their efforts are not unnoticed.
Just a reminder that the first of our fall Cattle Sales is August 29. I am hearing that many people may be selling some early calves as pasture is tight and even more than that – hay is tight, so you really don’t want to be getting into your hay piles too soon this fall. The rain over the weekend was a welcome sight but I have to admit it makes me a bit nervous after last fall.