4-H has new president

Congratulations to Joe Bodnar, who agreed to take on the position of president of the Rainy River District 4-H Leaders’ Association at its annual meeting over the weekend.
It was great to see a few new faces take over some of the committees with this group.
Like we say over and over again, “more hands make light work!”
Meanwhile, the annual awards night for 4-H members and volunteers is quickly approaching–the date is Friday, Feb. 26 at the Millennium Hall in Stratton.
4-H members, volunteers, and their families are invited to attend and should call Wanda Heyens to reserve your plate.
This year, it’s been decided that 4-H Beef Club members are inviting their steer buyers. The 4-H members will be getting in touch with you if you bought a steer and we would be happy to have you at our awards night!
Again, we will need to know who is attending to ensure the caterer is able to prepare the right amount of food!
• • •
The local Safe Communities organization is planning a strategic planning session on Tuesday, March 8 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at La Place Rendez-Vous in Fort Frances.
If you are interested (and we all should be), register with Krista at 482-2211 ext. 3785.
• • •
I did get an early calf last week–and all 60 pounds of him now is bouncing around waiting for a friend to run around with.
When I first saw the size of him, I was expecting he may be a twin but no. This big ol’ cow normally calves out a 120-pounder so he looks quite tiny beside her.
But he is doing just fine.
I should be getting a fair bit busier by the end of this week and into next (just in time for the colder weather that’s forecast for the days ahead).
• • •
I was able to sneak away from the cows over the weekend to watch a bit of hockey.
Maddie and Marlee both were in the hockey tournament in Fort Frances—and both their teams ended up in the finals!
I didn’t make it in for that but I should have as things were very close!
Marlee and the rest of her Bruins’ team ended up losing in overtime while Maddie and the Ice Dogs won in a shootout.
These little girls had a very busy weekend, and it sure is enjoyable seeing them work so hard and learn the game more and more every time I get to see them.
Alas, their busy hockey schedules has made it hard for them to get much farming time in.
• • •
I haven’t make it to the new “Flint House” in Fort Frances yet but I’ve only heard good things about this new restaurant on Scott Street.
I spoke briefly with the owner the other day as they proudly are serving good local 4-H beef that was purchased last fall at the Emo Fair. He feels it has been a hit!
This is great news!
Maddie and Marlee have been to the Flint House, and Marlee was quick to tell me that she knows I will like it “because the inside of it is just how you like things, Auntie Kimmie!”
Thanks for serving local beef and we look forward to continued partnerships!