Seeking multiplex project support

This week, I spoke in the House of Commons to promote the proposed Thunder Bay multi-purpose events centre.
The statement was the start of a sustained push I will be making to encourage the federal government to become a full partner with the city and the province for this important project.
A few times a year, each MP is provided an opportunity to speak prior to Question Period and make a statement on any issue they deem important to their community.
This time, I used my assigned statement time to promote the Thunder Bay multi-purpose events centre in Ottawa.
At their meeting Nov. 26, Thunder Bay city council agreed in principle to a location of the proposed complex, and to continue the development process by seeking out matching federal and provincial dollars.
The last point is critical to the project moving forward, and the project now is at a stage where I possibly can be of assistance.
I realize that some constituents oppose the multiplex project altogether, or support it being built elsewhere outside of the northern core, but I do not feel that is my responsibility or place to pass judgment on the project as it is entirely a municipal decision that must be taken—and has been taken in this case.
Instead, I see my role as an MP in Ottawa to do the work of the people of Thunder Bay-Rainy River, which includes helping citizens’ access services provided by the federal government, taking clear positions on federal issues that affect the people and businesses in our community, and ensuring the federal government is working in the interests of the people of Thunder Bay-Rainy River.
Given my role as the MP for our riding, I feel it is very important that I support the work of our local governments. And if they would like to see the federal government partner with them on a major project, as they have clearly said they want in this case, then it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to help make that a reality.
The Thunder Bay multiplex is very economically important infrastructure development for the City of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, and one that already has been approved in principal by our local government.
It is now my job to seek out federal dollars for this exciting project, but it is one that I am both eager and happy to do.