It’s all a numbers game

I’ve got your number – several of them, in fact.
In recognition of the provincial government rolling out a brand-new math curriculum yesterday, this occasional teacher and current daily walker decided to sift through the numbers of this mission I am on with Step Forward and pass along the most interesting ones.
I’m a big stats guy at heart – just ask anyone I grew up with who grew sick and tired of me quoting Wayne Gretzky’s season-by-season point totals.
So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a numerical journey through Step Forward:
26 – the official number of days I have been walking so far…just 68 to go (cue the audible sound of my feet whimpering in disbelief)
365,772 – the overall number of steps I have taken so far in those 26 days (there go my feet again)
1,000,000 – the number of steps I was originally hoping to travel from May 30 until August 31 (who wants to be a millionaire…OK, million stepper?)
1,500,000 – the number of steps I’m gunning for now since I’ve banked many more steps than I thought I would at this point (my business card has “glutton for punishment” on it in bold letters)
940 – the number of kilometres I will cover in just my 10K walks alone each day (more about this next week)
$1,275 – the official amount raised so far for the United Native Friendship Centre Food Bank (well beyond my expectations, for which I am so grateful…but we’ve still got two weeks, right? Let’s see how high we can take that number)
15 – the average number of people I pass going the opposite direction during a 5K walk (seems kind of low…is it something I said?)
5 – the average number of people escorted by their dog (nothing causes an adrenaline rush through my four-legged furry companion, Dug, than the sight of another dog coming in our direction…thank goodness for well-made leashes)
2 – the average number of people escorted by their dog who think that the sign indicating the need for dogs on the walking path to be leashed is simply decorative and should generally be ignored (memo to those people: it’s not and it shouldn’t be…let’s try and avoid the unnecessary dogfights, shall we?)
8 – the average number of times I veer off to the side or up the slope to respect physical distancing rules in regards to people coming the other way (manners truly never go out of style)
75 – the rough estimate of the current number of geese droppings along the stretch of pathway from La Verendrye Hospital to the Hallett (the term environmental minefield comes to mind)
As for the kind words, amount of support and positive vibes I have received from people near and far, there’s been too many to count.
OK, I could count them. But then I wouldn’t be collecting steps, which is really what I should be doing.
I will do all I can to help those in need. You can count on that.

Steps taken this week: 102,681
Steps taken overall: 365,772
Money raised this week: $75
Money raised overall for the UNFC Food Bank: $1,275

Please go to my Facebook page entitled “Joey Payeur” and look for the Step Forward fundraiser post to donate. Thanks for all your support.