An assortment of leftovers, teasers

This column most closely will resemble Forrest Gump’s legendary box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get.
So reach into this goodie bag of tidbits and see if you pull out anything you’re interested in.
And if you come up empty, I’ll remember to throw in a Tootsie Roll next time.
• • •
A final salute to TSN personalities Jennifer Hedger and Darren Dutchyshen for their professionalism and politeness during their stay in Fort Frances for the “Kraft Celebration Tour” last month.
One moment that stood out in my mind came at the autograph session at Safeway early Sunday afternoon before the pair headed down to the Sorting Gap Marina for their live broadcast of TSN’s “SportsCentre.”
An older lady was in the seating area in the store off to the side, wondering what all the fuss was about. When informed of what was taking place, she decided to invite herself to the front of the autograph line ahead of about 30 onlookers who patiently were waiting their turn.
When the lady approached the table, it would have been very easy for Hedger and Dutchyshen to dismiss her and turn their attention back towards the assembled crowd. But without a hint of arrogance or cruelty, the TV hosts kindly asked the lady to wait until a photo was taken with them and another patron, who had just finished talking with them.
After the picture was taken, Hedger and Dutchyshen gave the lady several minutes of their time while she talked with them and collected their autographs. Not once did they look put off by the lady’s actions nor give any sign she wasn’t worth their time.
It was a simple act, but one that spoke volumes about the class of the high-profile visitors.
• • •
In one of the more creative ways to draw interest, the Cyclone Swim Club is holding a family barbecue and registration night next Wednesday (Sept. 18) from 5-7:30 p.m. at Pither’s Point Park.
Current club members and those interested in joining, or learning more about the Cyclones, are encouraged to come out for the festivities.
The club promises great food for all attendees, as well as games for any kids who make it out.
New swimmers are asked to bring along their birth certificates and health cards.
For more information, call Debbie Murray at 274-6374 or e-mail her at
• • •
While the season already is one week old, I don’t feel I’m cheating by giving you my NFL playoff predictions (I wanted to run them last week but my editor had to cut them out—something about me being too long-winded).
Anyway, in the NFC, I’ve got San Francisco and New Orleans getting the first-round byes. Dallas will defeat Green Bay while Seattle repeats its playoff victory of a year ago over Washington in the wild-card round.
In the divisional playoffs, San Francisco will eliminate Seattle while New Orleans will oust my beloved Cowboys (too much Drew Brees).
The NFC final will see the 49ers qualify for a second-straight Super Bowl by taking out the Saints.
Over in the AFC, Denver and New England will be the top two seeds. Indianapolis will knock out Houston while Cincinnati will deny Baltimore a chance to repeat its Super Bowl win of a season ago.
The Broncos then will handle the Bengals in the divisional round while New England will squeak by the upstart Colts.
In the AFC title game in the mile-high air of Denver, the Broncos will outlast the Pats in another classic Peyton Manning-Tom Brady match-up.
As for the Super Bowl, it will be a classic between Denver and San Francisco. I say Peyton Manning caps off an MVP season with his second Super Bowl.
Broncos 28-49ers 27.
• • •
Speaking of Mr. Manning, while I’m not about to turn in my Cowboys’ fan club membership just yet, I must admit to having adopted a special place in my heart for the Broncos’ pivot.
It might have something to do with the fact he rewarded my faith in making him my third-round fantasy football selection by shredding Baltimore for seven touchdowns through the air on opening night last Thursday.
Along with my other Broncos choice, new slot receiver Wes Welker (two TDs), it was a wildly-successful night for my cyber-gridiron team, which also includes starters Dez Bryant (WR), Jason Witten (TE), and DeMarco Murray (RB) from the Cowboys (I know, shocking!); Miami receiver Mike Wallace; Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles; Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker; and the San Francisco defence.
On the bench, I’ve got a pair of Bengals in Andy Dalton (QB) and BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB); New England rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins; Indianapolis tight end Dwayne Allen; kicker David Akers from Detroit; and the Dallas defence (of course).
Keep me posted on how your fantasy squad is doing throughout the season. I can’t be the only one around here who loves pretending to be a head coach.
• • •
In the words of one of my sports radio broadcasting heroes, Edmonton’s John Short, for the first time in my life I’m wrong again.
I mistakenly wrote that the Barwick Blue Knights last had experienced championship success in the Rainy River District Fastball League back in 1995, as per the information available on the league website.
I recently was informed that, in fact, the Blue Knights won back-to-back-to-back RRDFL titles from 2007-09.
Apparently, Wikipedia is not the only media site that may not have all its facts straight.
My apologies for the error. And congrats to the Blue Knights on a great season.