Weather nice here in Florida

Last week with my boat in tow, I began my journey south in preparation for the FLW Tour bass tournament that I’m fishing next week at Lake Okeechobee in Florida.
My good friend, Brian McNanney, and I left the frozen tundra of Sunset Country to head to Florida to spend a week fun fishing before I get serious next week for the tournament.
I picked up a new Lund boat a few weeks ago and, with the help of some friends, got it all rigged up in my garage with electronics, a trolling motor, and two Minn Kota Talons on the back, so I could justify heading down a little bit early to run the boat, break in the motor, and make sure everything is working properly.
I also wanted to get some time in on the water fishing since I haven’t caught a bass since October. I needed to shake any rust that might have developed!
We made the drive straight through from Minneapolis to Orlando, which took us about 27 hours. With two of us in the truck, we took turns driving and sleeping and everything worked out pretty good.
I spent a couple of days in the Twin Cities to have a new wrap put on my boat which showcases, one of my big sponsor partners that is really helping me out to fish these events this year.
Kruger Farms is an online retail website for fishing and hunting gear.
The drive was relatively uneventful until the last gas stop of the trip, just over the Florida line, about three hours from Orlando.
When you get into the southern U.S., basically once you’re south of Illinois, you must pay for your gas before you pump it (you can’t just pump the gas, then go and pay like we can at home). It’s really a pain since I’m not used to this process.
So we stopped at this gas station. I went in and left my Visa card with the cashier, then went back out and pumped some gas. There was a restaurant attached to the gas station and we had decided we would each get a sandwich for supper.
Well, once I pumped my gas, I went and got my sandwich, then went back to the truck and drove off. I did not realize I had left my Visa with the cashier until four hours later when I was getting a fishing licence in Orlando!
To make matters worse, I did not get a receipt for the gas so I had no number to call. We tried to find this gas station using my phone and just couldn’t seem to get the right place.
So long story short, I had to have the card cancelled and order a new one. I think I was just thinking fishing first on that one.
We’ve been fishing for a few days now and things have been going pretty good. The weather has been perfect every day, with plenty of sun and little wind so we’re happy.
Sorry to rub it in to everybody back home. I have been getting the weather reports daily and hearing about how cold it’s been!
I can’t fish at Lake Okeechobee until Feb. 3 (the lake is off-limits right now for tournament anglers), so we’ve been fishing different lakes around the Orlando area. So far we’ve been catching fish every day, the highlight being a nine-pound giant that Brian caught this past weekend.
These lakes down here have good populations of bass in them and you never know when you could get a monster fish like this, which makes every cast interesting.
I hope the weather warms up for everybody back home! Next week, I’ll fill you all in on how the pre-fishing is going at Lake Okeechobee.
Hopefully, I can find some of these kind of quality fish when I get there!