Warm-weather Christmas gift ideas

At this point of the year, the start of our long winter, it’s hard to believe that warm weather ever is going to come around. But every spring, the snow melts and we get to experience the beautiful Sunset Country summers year after year.
For the angler on your Christmas list, finding a gift is easy because there are so many new and functional items we can use throughout the season.
Starting on the boat, regardless of its size, there are all kinds of products that make life easier or help you to catch more fish. Electronics and GPS units have come a long way in recent years and it’s now possible to purchase huge 15-inch plus screens that are like a small TV in your boat to help with navigation and to find fish.
The really big screens are big money but you can get smaller or medium-sized screens much cheaper than you could only five years ago–and many of these have almost all of the same features as the larger-screen models.
This coming season, I’m putting a Hydrowave unit on the bow of my boat. It is a sound device that has a module that attaches to the trolling motor to create sounds in the water to attract fish.
The sounds imitate schools of minnows, crayfish, or fish feeding–all noises that are thought to get fish fired up and eager to bite. A few of my friends in the U.S. have been using them the past few years and they swear by them, so I’m excited to give it a try.
For those of you who ice-fish, I’m interested in trying it for ice-fishing, as well, especially for lake trout.
There are plenty of smaller items for the boat, as well, that always come in handy. Things like LED lights can illuminate compartments or the floor of the boat if it is used at night, life jackets (especially inflatable models) are convenient to have, or even something as simple as screen cleaner, which I use to clean both my sunglasses and my electronics.
When it comes to fishing rods and reels, they always are a great high-end gift. I still can remember getting my first baitcast reel for Christmas when I around 10 years old, which lasted me for at least 15 years.
Fishing line always is good to have, especially the more expensive braided line that is a much better investment because it lasts a lot longer than monofilament lines. I use Power Pro braided line on all of my spinning reels and on most of my baitcasting reels–it’s good stuff that has been around for a long time.
Fishing lures probably make the best stocking-stuffer ever because they are smaller in size and come in all price options. For the bass angler, topwater lures are always good while walleye anglers can never have too many jigs.
For the musky angler, large soft plastic baits have been really popular in recent years. The people in the local tackle shops can lead you in the right direction for the best baits for each type of fish we have here in Sunset Country.
Sunglasses are a necessary item for all anglers and they should be polarized to help see better in the water. With shades, you get what you pay for.
There also are plenty of smaller accessories that you can never go wrong with; things like scissors, long-nosed pliers, fillet knives, measuring devices, or even small dry boxes.
Finally, the best Christmas gift I ever got–and the one I’ll never forget–was an entry fee in the Kenora Bass International for my Dad and I when I was 10 years old. I was so excited to fish in my first tournament and when we did it, the competitive fishing seed was planted in me.
If any parents out there have kids who are interested in fishing, it’s a great activity to promote because it is something they can do for their whole lives and it’s one of those things that if nobody takes them when they are young, they will never do it.
Happy shopping!