Trout derby a good time

Despite some cold weather, 68 anglers showed up for the 23rd-annual Crystal Harbour Resort Lake Trout Derby on Saturday in Sioux Narrows.
I wrote about this one-day, catch-and-release event in my column last week and figured I would share the results with everybody this week.
A group of eight of us went down from Kenora and stayed at Crawford’s Camp on Friday and Saturday nights. We were up late both nights, and had fun socializing and playing dice games.
Somebody brought fireworks and there were a few drinks to be had. A great weekend at a cabin on the lake!
On the ice, it was not a very good day of fishing for our group. I fished with my wife, August, her cousin, Tara Savage, and our friend, Chris Toon, and between the four of us, we did not catch a trout!
I’ve probably fished this derby 15 times and I think that’s the first time I can remember getting shut out.
Of course, Chris and the girls had never fished in it before so I don’t think they were all that impressed with my guiding skills.
We all marked a few fish on our flashers, but they chased our baits around and did not bite. That’s fishing.
Regina Bay, where the derby was held, is a good place to fish trout, particularly for big ones. In past years, it has taken a 20-pound trout to capture the first-place trophy.
This year, Sioux Narrows’ resident Norm Lindsay won the derby with a 14-pound trout that he caught relatively early in the morning.
In fact, Norm kind of was driving me nuts because he was fishing a couple hundred yards away from where I was and I saw him make a few trips to the scale with fish in the morning.
It was not surprising that Norm won the derby. He is a great fisherman—one of the best I know for catching everything that swims in our lakes. A long-time guide and bass tournament angler, he has won a lot of money over the years in area fishing tournaments.
He and his family members have won this trout derby several times.
Sandy and Mike Salvador from Crystal Harbour Resort deserve a big thank you for putting on this event every year. They had a great steak dinner for all the anglers on Saturday after the fishing was over.
As well, Mike made sure there were ice roads plowed to several different parts of the bay so anglers were able to get around easily. It was pretty nice, with the little amount of snow we have this year, because we were able to drive all over the bay.
This derby takes place on the last weekend of January every year, so mark it on your calendar for next year if you like to fish for lake trout.
You’re sure to have a good time!