Stewners win at Whitefish Bay

In what has become a bit of a tradition with these fall bass tournaments, the husband-and-wife team of Ted and Louise Stewner won yet another one this past weekend at the Whitefish Bay Fall Classic on Lake of the Woods.
Now in its eighth year, the Stewners already have won this tournament once—to go along with multiple fall tournament wins on Rainy Lake, Shoal Lake, and other Lake of the Woods tournaments over the years.
Ted Stewner has been fishing tournaments in central Canada for more than 25 years—experience few anglers he competes against have. He has earned a reputation as a deep-water specialist who is very good at reading electronics.
While many of the serious competitors who participate in area bass tournaments fish out of 20-foot boats with 200-plus horsepower motors, Stewner does it all out of an 18-foot, tiller-drive boat with a 90 h.p. motor on it.
He spends time pre-fishing for each event that he fishes and is very good at finding small, isolated pieces of structure that always hold a bass or two. On larger humps and points, he is very efficient at knowing the corner of each piece of structure that is holding big bass.
The guy is very good and since he has been fishing with his wife for the past seven or eight years, they are a contender to win nearly every tournament they enter.
The Stewners brought in 19.61 pounds for five smallmouths on Day 1, then backed it up with 16.94 pounds on Day 2 for a total of 36.55 pounds. They narrowly edged the second-place team of Tim Strempler and Terry McClymont, who had a two-day total of 35.93 pounds.
Terry Gill and Mike Rockola finished third (35.41), followed by Mike Reid and I in fourth (35.35) and Jim Ducharme and Erick Bennett in fifth (35.25).
The big catch of the tournament was brought in on Day 1 by another husband-and-wife team, Josh and Paula Peacock, whose five largemouths tipped the scales at 20.89 pounds.
That included the big fish of the tournament—a 5.52-pound largemouth (they ended up ninth on the weekend).
The weather so far this fall has sure been great, despite some strong winds here and there. Water temperatures were warmer than usual for early October and that did have some influence on the fishing this past weekend.
Mike and I weighed a mixed bag of smallmouths and largemouths over the weekend. We spent nearly all of our time targeting largemouths on rocky points and shoals just outside of the shallow, weedy bays where these fish spent the summer.
Typically, most of the smallmouths would be located on deeper, main lake humps at this point in the season but with the warm temperatures, we still were catching plenty of them up shallow.
It was good fishing.
There is one more tournament left on the season this coming weekend. The Frank McClymont Memorial Tournament is set for this Saturday (Oct. 10) out of WSL Marina in Kenora.
Tournament hours are from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., with the entry fee being $100 per boat. Teams also are allowed to bring a third angler along if they are 14 or younger for an extra $50.
You can sign up Saturday morning before take-off.
Frank McClymont passed away back in 2012 and is missed by all of his fishing friends. So this event was started in 2013 by one of his regular fishing partners, Rick Savage, as a way to remember him.
McClymont fished every single Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and Kenora Bass International event since they started up until his death, and at that time was the only angler who had done so.