Plan a dream fishing trip

When most of us think about going on a fishing trip, it usually means stepping out the door, driving to the boat ramp down the road, and heading out for the day.
Right across Northwestern Ontario, we are blessed with some many great bodies of water that offer some of the best fishing in the world.
It is for this reason that people travel from all over Canada and the U.S. to visit our area for their dream fishing trips. Across the region, we have hundreds of outfits that offer accommodations on a variety of waters.
There are high-end, five-star American plan lodges and resorts, there are a bunch of great do-it-yourself cabins to stay at, and, of course, there are countless fly-in outpost camps where you are flown into a remote cabin in the woods.
These fly-in camps are something that’s really unique to our region. I’ve had the opportunity to go into a few of these outposts over the years, and I really feel like everybody who lives here and enjoys fishing should try a fly-in fishing trip at least once.
The rides in the float planes are fun and are a great way to view the beauty of our country. Having a lake all to yourself for a few days is quite awesome, as well.
Finally, we all can benefit from going a few days without a cellphone and all the technologies of today’s modern world. There is no better place to bond with your family and friends than spending a few days in a remote, fly-in lake.
It is always a lot of fun and you can expect top-notch fishing!
While I do understand most folks who live in Northwestern Ontario can go fishing on their own, give some thought to spending a few days at one of the many fishing camps or resorts this coming season.
As I said with the fly-in camps, these types of trips are great for camaraderie and bonding with friends, family, and even co-workers.
The people who own these outfits host fishing trips for a living and most of them are all set up for their guests to have a great time. They can provide all of the equipment, food, and accommodations you might need so all you have to do is show up!
If you want to introduce someone to fishing, a fishing guide on a really good lake will make sure they catch a bunch of fish and want to do it again. If you need to host some visitors to our region for a work outing, a fishing trip at an area resort is a great place to do it.
You can fish during the day and meet over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At many of the camps, in fact, corporate trips are a popular activity so most of the outfitters in our region are equipped to handle them.
Instead of travelling somewhere this coming summer, why not stay here Sunset Country region and spend a few days in our beautiful part of Canada? There is a full listing of resorts, camps, lodges, and all the different things to do on the Sunset Country website at
The Sunset Country Travel Association represents hundreds of outfitters across the region who operate these camps and resorts, so you can find anything you could possibly want on that website.