Pheasant hunting south of the border

Last week, I wrote about my annual late-season moose hunt I take with my friends.
Every year I take off for five-seven days and stay in a cabin with my friends.
This year, my wife, August, decided she would take her own hunting trip at the same time and hit the road south of the border to go pheasant hunting in Minnesota and South Dakota.
Pheasants are one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. About twice the size of the ruffed grouse we have here in Sunset Country, they are found in the farmland throughout much of the U.S. Midwest and are a popular game bird for hunters because they are very good eating and fun to hunt.
August met up with our friend, Mandy Uhrich from Brainerd, Mn., and that is where their trip started. Mandy definitely is the most competent outdoorswoman that I’ve ever met.
We met several years ago through some mutual friends in the fishing industry, and over that time she has visited us many times to fish and hunt in Ontario. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years.
We have so many great outdoor activities available in our part of the world and that’s one of the reasons Mandy comes to see us so often. When the opportunity came up for Mandy to share an awesome hunting experience in her part of the world with August that she could not experience here at home, she was very excited to go and try it.
The first few days of their trip were spent in the southern Minnesota town of Hendricks, where they hunted on farmland. For the first couple of days, August took in the experience of how they hunt these birds–by walking through natural fields of grass, corn, and bulrushes, using dogs to find and jump up the birds.
She learned how the hunters line up and push through a field, keeping everybody on the same plane so that when a bird is flushed in front of the group, everybody is safe to shoot forward.
It was her kind of hunting, with plenty of action and social interaction.
She ended up getting her first pheasant in Minnesota and got warmed up for a trip over to South Dakota—probably the best place on the planet to hunt wild pheasants in their natural environment.
Their South Dakota adventure was top-notch from start to finish. They stayed at The Ringneck Retreat in the town of Hitchcock, and August could not stop talking about how beautiful this place was.
You could tell from the photos that it was very comfortable.
After a good, hearty breakfast, they would hit the fields with a guide and numerous other hunters to chase pheasants. Then after a day of hunting, they would return to the lodge for a great dinner and some drinks.
While there, the girls also made a guest appearance on a TV show for a program called “Wild Dakota Outdoors.” This also was a planned event to raise funds for the “Keeping Kids in the Outdoors” program.
They had a great trip and got their limits of pheasants every day.
It was a hunting trip August cannot say enough good things about, and one that she’s been telling myself and our friends at home that we need to experience. So if you’re looking try something different next year, maybe a pheasant hunt should be in order (she highly recommends checking out
We have eaten pheasant a couple of times over the past week and it’s been very good!