Nice to Be Home

The few weeks that I got to spend down in Florida recently was a nice break from our long Canadian winter. But after being home for a week or so, I can tell you it’s nice to be back. I like that we get four seasons here in Northwest Ontario and the winter really makes me appreciate how truly perfect our summers are. You could not pay me to live anywhere else in the summer.

I love to eat walleyes so I have been getting out on the ice to catch a few. A couple of fresh fillets are one of my favourite meals, regardless of how they are prepared. The recent cold snap was kind of rude with some strong winds to go with the cold temperatures over a few days so most of my fishing over the past week has been done inside of a portable shelter that I pull behind my snowmobile.

Over the past weekend, Scott Dingwall and I had a friend visiting from International Falls. We had made plans to fish on Saturday afternoon and of course it was really windy and quite cold. All morning I stayed in the house, watching TV and noticing the blowing snow flying past the window. It was one of those days where if you fish quite often, you just don’t go because you know it’s going to be miserable out there.

Since the three of us probably wouldn’t get to see each other again anytime soon we all met up out on Lake of the Woods with our snowmobiles, at the fishing spot. I drilled about ten holes and we set up the shelter I brought along. The plan was to keep a heater going in the shelter and take turns fishing outside, warming up when we needed to.

Plans changed when the holes outside were filling up with blowing snow in a matter of minutes and we experienced just how miserable the wind really was. So we drilled a couple of holes in the shelter and all three of stayed in it for the entire three hours we were out on the ice. The shelter I have is a Frabill Predator, their biggest pop-up model, which is designed for two people to fish out of comfortably. Two of us fished while the other sat on a bucket and critiqued the others fishing techniques.

We ended up catching enough perch and walleyes for us all to have dinner after we finished fishing which was the main goal. Had we ventured around outside we most certainly would have caught a few more fish but we had fun spending a few hours together in the close quarters. I’m glad we went.

Aside from some fishing I have been keeping busy clearing some brush around my property, remnants from the October 2018 snowstorm that wrecked a bunch of trees across the region. We literally had hundreds of them down at our place so it’s been a project cleaning them up. The broken tree tops are mostly dry enough to burn now so I’ve been getting out and clearing some of the brush every couple of days. It’s a good workout in the snow and it’ll look good in the spring.

If I’m not outside I have been spending some of my time working on fishing tackle, getting ready for the upcoming season. I like to tie my own bucktail and marabou jigs that I’ll use for bass fishing, I make tails with chicken feathers for some of my topwater baits and I make rubber skirts for some of my jigs and spinnerbaits. There is always something to build so that I have the tackle I need during the fishing season.