Musky fishing pays off

This past week, I got a nice break from bass fishing before the last two tournaments of the year that are going to take place over the next couple of weekends.
It’s nice for me because I’m kind of rejuvenated to get back at it.
Last week, I spent a few days musky fishing on Lake of the Woods, which was something I’ve not done a lot of over the past few years.
I was on an assignment with my friends from Lindner Media to shoot a TV segment for a show they are producing for Lund Boat Company called “The Ultimate Fishing Experience.” My buddy, Jeremy Smith, and I were in front of the camera for the day.
Now, my history with musky fishing for TV has been miserable. I can go bass fishing on Lake of the Woods or Rainy Lake and catch muskies all the time. But put a camera in the boat and they disappear.
It’s like I have a curse. In fact, I told the guys before they came up that I would rather go to the dentist than go musky fishing to try and film a TV show.
I love to go musky fishing with a buddy for a few hours in the evening. But when there is some pressure to put fish in the boat, my luck has been horrible and that takes the fun out of things.
Well, we hit the water last week and things ended up going pretty good! I caught a nice musky about an hour into our day after the fish followed my bucktail to the boat and hit on a boat-side figure-eight.
As the day went on, we caught a few pike and had several muskies, including a couple of really big fish, follow our baits to the boat, so we were getting pretty good action.
Later in the afternoon, we pulled up to an offshore rock pile and Jeremy hooked up with a big musky on his first cast. After a chaotic fight, we netted the fish and closed out a pretty good TV segment.
We found most of the fish to be on offshore rock piles. Those little rocks that were just sticking out of the water that birds usually sit on were the best–seagull rocks.
We caught all of our fish on bucktail-style inline spinnerbaits.
This past weekend, I stayed off the water and got married to the most beautiful woman I have ever met! August and I had a perfect day that we shared with our best friends and things could not have been better.
We chose the Whitecap Pavilion on the Harbourfront in Kenora and it was a great setting. The weather turned out beautiful after rain earlier in the day, so we were very happy.
The Sunset Country bass tournament circuit continues this weekend at Shoal Lake with the annual Last Chance Bass Classic. The entry fee is $500 for this event and teams can sign up Saturday morning before blasting off at 8 a.m.
There will be prizes awarded for the best catches each day, as well as overall prizes for the best two-day aggregate totals.
I missed this tournament last year because I was fishing down in Alabama, so I’m excited to get back out onto my favourite body of water to do some fishing.