Looking forward to living my dream

With the arrival of each New Year, we all think about things in our life that we can look forward to in the coming 12 months.
In a way, we get to start over with a fresh slate and this usually motivates us to do the things that we want.
2013 is going to be a big year for me in that I get to live my dream of fishing the complete FLW Tour professional bass tournament circuit in the U.S.
I have followed these events for many years with hopes that one day I would get the chance to compete and thanks to some tremendous sponsor support, I’m getting that opportunity.
The first tournament takes place at Lake Okeechobee in Florida, starting Feb. 7.
There are six events between February and June, all at southern U.S. fisheries in Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. My plan is to make the initial drive down there and then fly back and forth between events as the season goes along.
With the price of gas and the long hours of driving, this will be cheaper and save quite a bit of time.
It’s been a full-time job over the past few weeks trying to plan and get ready for this big endeavour, such as making travel plans, booking hotels and flights, ordering and preparing the fishing tackle and equipment I need, and trying to get a new boat all rigged up.
I’ve also been trying to pick away on the Internet, researching the different lakes to learn whatever I can about them.
Things are coming together and I’m very excited to get on the road in a few weeks.
Another Sunset Country angler, Darryl Galusha, also is planning to fish the six FLW Tour events in 2013 as a co-angler. It will be nice to have a buddy on the road.
Getting the chance to fish a few of these tournaments last year was a good experience. I’ll have a better idea of what to expect at each event, and I think I’m over the initial awe of launching my boat beside all these famous bass anglers that I’ve looked up to for many years.
I also will be able to have a bit of a routine to follow at each event. We only get three days to practice for each tournament, on waters that I know little about, so it’s important to have a routine of doing things before the event and during the practice period so I can spend every bit of daylight during those three days on the water trying to find fish.
I can tell you that I’m looking forward to the challenge and will enjoy the experience no matter what happens. I’ll do my best.
As for the big tournaments around Sunset Country, things seem to be progressing nicely for the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and the Kenora Bass International.
While no major changes are planned for the KBI this year, down in Fort Frances, organizers have lowered the entry fee to $800 (the same as the KBI) and are discussing going back to a traditional payback format.
Entry information for both of these top-notch events can be found online.
A huge thank you to the organizers of these events, and all the other great bass and walleye tournaments that we have across the region during the summer, because most of them already are at work planning for another year.
All the best in 2013. I hope everybody catches that fish of a lifetime!