Last weekend of bass fishing for me

The 2017 bass tournament season came to an end for me this past weekend at the annual Whitefish Bay Fall Classic, which took place on Lake of the Woods.
Some 31 teams signed up to fish for the $5,000 first-place prize.
Over the years, this event has seen some high-end weights and big fish brought in, including Brian McNanney and Matt Rydberg’s 25-pound limit as well as Darren and Ray Marcine’s 7.10-pound largemouth, both happening in 2010.
My regular partner for this tournament, Mike Reid, was not able to make it this year so I teamed up with Mike Richards.
We spent a couple days pre-fishing and really did not find anything that excited us a whole lot, so we just decided that we would fish a bunch of spots that have produced nice bass in the past and see what happened.
The weather for the first day of the tournament was excellent with warm, sunny conditions. While we did not get off to a great start, we did end up putting 17 pounds of bass in the boat, which we were happy with.
Joe Pritchett and Hiram Archibald took the Day 1 lead with 19.08 pounds.
The big bass on Day 1 was a five-pound largemouth caught by Rick Savage and Wayne Carlson.
The conditions for Day 2 changed to windy and rainy–it was not a pleasant eight hours in the boat. We fished a bunch of spots that have been good in the past and pretty much went through a full tank of gas in my boat, but we were unable to catch any big fish.
We ended up with a nine-pound limit to finish in 13th place.
Joe and Hiram brought in 15 pounds on Day 2 to fend of McNanney and Rydberg, who ended up second. They had the big fish on Day 2–a 4.08 largemouth.
Third place went to Ted Stewner and Steve Ellie of Winnipeg.
Keith and Alana Merrick of Whitefish Bay do a great job of organizing this tournament and compiled a lot of great sponsorships. I think everybody who showed up for the weigh-in on Day 2 left with a prize.
Down at the Rainy Lake, meanwhile, 53 teams competed in the one-day tournament out of LaBelle’s Camp on Saturday.
Also, a long-running event, this tournament has a three-fish limit which makes it interesting.
My good friends, Scott Dingwall and Kalan Wagner, got into a big school of giant smallmouths and brought in three fish weighing 13.50 pounds to win the tournament.
They had one fish over five pounds while the other two were over four pounds, which is very impressive!
There is one more tournament left this coming weekend on Lake of the Woods. The fifth-annual Frank McClymont Memorial Tournament is a one-day event taking place on Saturday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. out of WSL Marina in Kenora.
Teams are allowed to bring a youth angler along, as well, which is a good deal.
Unfortunately, I am missing the tournament this year because I am out of town this week, otherwise I would be fishing, for sure.
Frank McClymont was a long-time bass tournament angler from Kenora who, while he was alive, was the only angler who participated in every Kenora Bass International and Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship events.
Frank passed away in 2012 but he was a top-notch guy who all of the anglers were friends with, so it’s a great event in his memory.
For those of you who are not that interested in the bass fishing around Northwestern Ontario, you’ll get a break from that now for a while!
Look for some different fishing and hunting content in the coming months.